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Reflexology foot massage

Reflexive foot massage - a useful and ugly pleasant procedure,Which relies on the fact that every organ or part of the human body has its own reflex zone on the foot. Regular foot massage is carried out with both a preventive purpose and to eliminate various health problems.

Zones on the foot

Reflexive foot massage

Self-massage Spend every evening before bed. Warm hands first razumni foot, and then massage, alternating circular movements, rubbing with slight pressure, stroking and tapping. Engage in the process of knuckles and fists. Use massage oil with a drop of your favorite essential for an additional relaxing effect.

Special attention was given to their problem area. Press and release the point in this place alternately for a minute. The correctness of your actions is the disappearance of pain. Contraindications To massage are acute inflammatory processes and fungal diseases of the legs.

  1. head
    Foot massage

    Massage of fingertips helps to relieve headache and has a positive effect on brain, Stimulating his work.

  2. eyes
    Foot massage

    Remove the fatigue of the eyes will help massage the foot zone below the 2nd and 3rd fingers. Regularly working on this place, you will eventually be able to improve vision.

  3. small intestine
    Foot massage

    To solve the problem of excessive gas formation and constipation will help massage the center of the arch of the foot.

  4. lungs
    Foot massage

    For healing and cleansing of the lungs it is recommended to massage the area of ​​the foot below the fingers. Smokers, the present and the former, it will be especially useful.

  5. small of the back
    Foot massage

    Pay attention to this area if you suffer Radiculitis!! Massage of the heels will bring the necessary relief.

  6. neck
    Foot massage

    Pain in the cervical spine suffers a third of office workers. Give yourself a little attention after a day's work to relieve tension and pain in the neck.

  7. a heart
    Foot massage

    Any violations Heart rate And discomfort in the heart - an occasion to immediately consult a doctor. Well, and as a preventive measure, grind the corresponding zone on the foot.

  8. knees
    Foot massage

    Pain and fatigue in the knees removes the massage of the outer side of each heel.

  9. stomach
    Foot massage

    For good digestion it is useful to work on the upper part of the arch of the foot. Also reflexotherapy will not be superfluous for complex treatment Gastrointestinal diseases.

  10. thyroid
    Foot massage

    Massage this area regularly to help the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

  11. liver
    Foot massage

    Our liver is not to be envied! Support her health with a massage of the corresponding area on the foot, he will not be superfluous ...

Get rid of back pain, support the body's work, strengthen the nervous system, giving regular foot massage 10 minutes. Enjoy health and happiness!