/ How to protect against cancer

How to protect against cancer

In our time people live in houses and apartments, which themselves filled with toxic substances. These substances have a negative effect on health. But this can be avoided and make the house clean.

Get rid of toxic substances that can cause oncological diseases!! It is clear that it is impossible to give up all the "chemistry" in the house, but it is quite possible to exclude even a few things.

How to protect against cancer

  1. Make cleaning agents yourself
    Household chemicals that you buy in stores,Not only does it poison the air in the house, but it is absorbed through the skin when it is used. Recommend making your own non-toxic cleaning products that will cost you quite inexpensively. There are many recipes. If you still plan to use the store tools, then always wear gloves.
  2. Do not use toxic toothpastes
    Almost all toothpastes and rinses forMouth contain fluoride, triclosan, non-natural flavors and colorants. They cause irreparable harm to the body. Instead, use natural pastas from shops with organic products or make your own.

    Recipes are also many. If you do not have time to make a paste, then you can make a natural conditioner very quickly. For example, add 2 drops of tea tree oil to a glass of warm water. Rinse for the mouth ready!

  3. Clean the air in the house
    Ventilate the room more often. Do not use store air fresheners. They contain chemicals that increase the risk of developing breast cancer. You can clean the air with indoor plants and dried herbs, such as lavender. It is also possible to moisten the air with a sprinkler with water.
  4. Advance

  5. Do not use unnatural makeup
    Cosmetics, which include parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate or oxybenzone, is harmful to health.
  6. Give up some dishes
    Non-stick cookware is also not recommended for use. Replace it with utensils made of cast iron, if possible. Do not prepare in plastic containers. The more you do not heat anything in them in the microwave!
  7. Pick up the right diet
    Cut in your menu the amount of processed food with carcinogens. It's possible, you just have not tried it yet!
  8. Drink purified water
    Clean water for drinking and cooking with carbon filters. Also you can cook and drink melt water.
  9. Proper sleep
    A third of our life goes to sleep. Make sure that what you sleep on is of high quality and does not harm your health. When choosing a mattress, pay attention to the one made of natural materials. Synthetic sheets, blankets and rugs, as well as carpeting are made from petrochemical products.
  10. Do not eat canned food
    Most canned foods contain a bisphenol-a chemical. It is used for the inner coating of cans. This substance can lead to cancer, infertility, early menopause, and also it negatively affects the brain. Bisphenol Has the property of accumulating in the human body.

  11. When you enter the house, take off your shoes
    On the sole you bring dirt, chemicals, residues of pesticides, lead and oil products to the house.

These helpful tips will let you to keep healthy. Protect yourself and your loved ones from cancer and other diseases caused by toxins and carcinogens.

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