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17 enemies of femininity

«Kinder, küche, kirche" - a stable expression that emerged in Germany during the reign of Emperor Wilhelm ii. Literal translation means: "Children, kitchen, church". More than a hundred years have passed since the moment of the scoring of this phrase, but it still does not give rest to many women, not only in Germany, but all over the world.

Some completely reject the canons of traditional values ​​and try to find happiness in Feminism. Other women are trying in every way to be feminine in the conventional sense, doing everything that once made their mothers happy - they cook endlessly and cuddle men and children.

How to understand what is femininity andDo we need it now, in the modern world? The answer to this question is quite simple. Remember for a moment that a woman is primarily a person. But what does a person need to be happy? Each has its own ...

Representation of this state is very strongDiffer, everything depends on the environment in which a person grew up. The sexual sign determines the direction of our life, but not only it. Because a woman needs to strive for femininity, imposed by society, approaching this issue intelligently. Because the idea of ​​the essence Female nature Different, everything is very individual!

There is nothing wrong with the fact that sometimes a womanPerforms certain roles of men. Extremes - that's bad. Consider the 17 most common cases when a woman behaves quite wrong. Think, maybe it's worth adjusting your behavior so as not to perform functions for which you are not created!

Enemies of femininity

Painted female face

  1. vanity
    Fussing is harmful to everyone, both men and women. But women - especially, because in the whirlwind of events there is not enough time to look and look after yourself properly.
  2. Excess of communication
    People take your energy, of course, if you do notEnergy vampire bitch. But even in this case it is sometimes necessary to regulate the amount of communication, save time, so that there are resources to do something for themselves and for the family.
  3. Sad clothes
    The main thing is to dress so that you like it! Then you will feel comfortable, and this will have people to you. A woman is beautiful in any outfit, if it is in harmony with her manner.
  4. Improper haircut
    What's happening on your head is reflected in the overall appearance. Please yourself with beautiful haircuts. Which suit your type of face, do not forget to dye your hair in time. It's so nice!
  5. Problems with decorations
    Men give ornaments, women - they are worn. Do not do the opposite, it's just indecent! Choose appropriate ornaments suitable for dresses.
  6. Emotional closeness
    Showing different emotions, you get rid ofUnnecessary mental stress. Let yourself sometimes get hysterical and cry, but only in the presence of a person who understands you. To great regret, this is not always a beloved man ...
  7. anger
    The evil expression is always ugly. Every woman wants to be if not a beauty, then at least pretty. Angry less. To achieve this simply: a healthy portion of indifference will save you from outbursts of anger. A good method is to channel negative energy into a constructive channel. For example, go to the gym.
  8. No hobby
    In order to realize oneself,What is very like, what is yours. It's great when the hobbies and work coincide. If not, find additional time on the hobby. Unrealized abilities make a woman irritated, sarcastic and unpleasant.
  9. Lack of sex
    This is a delicate matter, but it is worth saying thatWomen who often have sex are content with themselves much more than others. Determined what you like in sex, determined with a partner. Decide for yourself. Even without a permanent relationship, you can be a sexually satisfied person.
  10. Conflicts
    Conflicts are not exactly what you should waste your time on. It is better to make up your nails ...
  11. Masculine duties
    There is nothing wrong with everything you can do and everythingYou know how. But do not let the creature sit next to you on your head - ask for help, stop doing everything yourself. Free time to spend on meditation or reading, on face mask, but whatever you do, while he carries things, clogs nails and pays for credit cards. You need to help each other, playing the same game - it's stupid.
  12. competition
    The modern world allows us to do withoutCompetition, if you do not want to do this. To be better than all will never work and no one else. The fact is that the secret is in the uniqueness of each person. The second such he will never find!
  13. pride
    Do you like proud people who are extremely pleased with themselves? Do you like narcissistic, capricious and opposite women? of course not. If they are loved, then for other qualities and qualities.
  14. Perfectionism
    You want to finish everything and do everythingIdeally - please! But if you did not succeed, do not be upset. it happens. Direct your perfectionism to cleaning, let other spheres of life do not suffer from your insane pressure.
  15. Lack of sleep
    You need to sleep a sufficient amount of time, this is the main recipe for beauty and healthy nerves!
  16. Bad physical shape
    Watch yourself, go in for sports, at least inLightweight version. Periodically sit on a diet, limiting sweets and flour. Health for women is very important, because you still can want to have children, even if now it seems to you absurd. It will be insulting if, due to a negligent attitude towards health, you can not become pregnant.
  17. blind love
    Choose a person who, next toYou, will do you better and make you feel like a woman in a good sense of the word - gentle, kind and happy happening. If you are more often sent to the kitchen than the good words say, you should change the situation. respect yourself.
  18. Lovers

Learn to have fun at home! Even men love to cook some interesting dishes and gladly wash the plumber with unusual means. What prevents you from changing your attitude to this? When life brings joy In all its manifestations, a person becomes happy, beautifies right before our eyes. But to rejoice or not - your choice!

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