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Crafts from cement

Cement - completely inappropriate Material for crafts, This view is very common. But people, selflessly in love with the construction, proved the opposite! Looking at these things, I want to buy a bag of cement immediately.

Now the player will be able to play not only men, but also women, - nice things that will decorate the interior, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Having received as a gift a functional thing from cement, your friend will understand that your friendship is the most durable in the world. Open your mouth with amazement, enjoy these ideas. I dream about concrete Stand for phone...

Cement work

  1. Holders of books.
  2. Book holder

    Book holder

  3. Magnets, which symbolize eternity.
  4. Magnets from cement

    Magnets from cement

  5. Real deer Horns in the interior - bad form. But such - very much even nothing!
  6. Interior detail

  7. Candlesticks, in the reliability of which you will not doubt.
  8. Candlesticks made of cement

    Candlesticks made of cement

  9. And such candlesticks are even more beautiful ...
  10. Candlesticks made of cement

  11. Make a pot of flowers from cement. Stylishly to the impossibility!
  12. Cement pot

  13. In the form of pineapple - a delightful option ...
  14. Pot for flowerpot

  15. A stool of cement - you can not think of a stronger one. Pay attention to the legs: true, cool?
  16. Stool of cement

    Stool of cement

  17. Stand for boiled soft-boiled eggs. Nice little thing ...
  18. Stand for eggs

  19. Original holders for cups and glasses.
  20. Cup holders

    Cup holders

  21. Serious valentine.
  22. Valentines

  23. Lampshade of bizarre shape.
  24. Lamp shade

  25. such Easter eggs Will not meet one Easter ...
  26. Eggs from cement

    Eggs from cement

    Eggs from cement

  27. Dreams of a home fire come true!
  28. Fireplace from cement

    Fireplace from cement

  29. A clock that no one will break. In which an hour the alarm clock would ring ...
  30. Clock from cement

    Clock from cement

  31. Another version of the flower pot.
  32. a flower pot

    a flower pot

  33. A convenient container for various small items.
  34. Container for small things

  35. With the help of these weights, the tablecloth can be fixed firmly!
  36. Weights

  37. Stand for the phone.
  38. Phone stand

  39. A shelf that will withstand everything in the world.
  40. a shelf

Thanks to the fact that creative people work in different spheres of life, such wonderful, non-standard solutions appear.

Now you know how much all the incredible can be made from ordinary cement. Yes, it's insanely inspiring! Share this inspiration with your friends, help them to go beyond the ordinary.