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How to facilitate moving

As a rule, at least once in a lifetime a person has to move somewhere. It can be a new housing or more Comfortable office.

There is such a saying: "The crossing is worse than a fire". So that this does not happen, take advantage of these useful tips. Use of some tricks at moving will allow to save time and save nerves.

How to facilitate moving

  1. Assemble a bag with the necessary things
    On the first day after moving, you canRelax, without examining all the boxes, in search of towels, toothpaste and so on, if you collect a small bag with everything you need. To disassemble all things it will be possible later.
  2. a bag

  3. Sign the boxes
    Write on the boxes that are in them, so that you do not waste time searching for the right things.
  4. Boxes

  5. Use the table
    Turn the dining table upside down and use it as a stretcher for not very heavy boxes.
  6. table

  7. Use plastic plates to transport ordinary
    Put the plastic plates between the usual, so that they do not scratch against each other when moving.
  8. plastic plates

  9. Fasten the elastic on the lock
    To get into the house quickly and do not keep the door constantly open, you can use the elastic band in such a way as in the photo.
  10. Gum on the lock

  11. Packing tools
    Pack the tools last, as you'll need them first, when you collect furniture after moving.
  12. Packing tools

Make your move a pleasant event, which will be the beginning of a new stage in life.

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