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Beauty Problems

There are a number of problems that I would not like to talk about with friends or with my doctor, but their presence, one way or another, causes a lot of discomfort.

If you want to look perfect, you need to know about these problems and solve them. "so simple!" Gathered the 9 most annoying Beauty concerns And ways of their elimination.

Beauty problems

  1. Stale breath
    Stale breath

    It's quite inconvenient to talk about this, but it's very difficult to notice it. But you can check what kind of smell the surrounding people feel by taking a teaspoon scurf from the root of the tongue and sniffing it.

    This problem can be triggered by drynessIn the mouth, so it is always necessary to keep a bottle of water. It is also necessary to clean the tongue twice a day. Stale breath may be the result of various diseases: diabetes, gastritis or nasopharyngeal diseases. If you have pain in the side or in the center of the abdomen, it is difficult to breathe or enlarged tonsils, consult with your doctor.

  2. Ingrown hair
    Ingrown hair

    The cause of this problem can be dense skin or just the wrong hair growth after removal.

    before Epilation You must always do a peeling. Also you can start using a cream that slows down hair growth. Do not forget to constantly moisturize the skin. If you did not manage to prevent the problem, do not pick the hairs! Better just just rinse your skin and use a scrub. If it did not help, treat the skin for several days with cream with salicylic acid, it will relieve the inflammation and allow the hair to break out.

  3. Darkening of the skin
    Darkening of the skin

    We are talking about the "color" of intimate zones. In general, it is inherent in nature, so do not think that "there" everything should be the same color. Often the cause of pigmentation is excess weight, rubbing or micro-trauma from hair removal.

    Try not to wear too tight clothes and reconsider how you do the epilation. If you are concerned about this problem, you should contact a cosmetologist. It will bleach the problem areas with a laser.

  4. Foot odor
    Foot odor

    Feet sweat in all people, but if you have it very abundantly, the cause may be hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) or incorrectly picked up shoes.

    Do not forget the hygiene of the feet. They need not only to be washed daily, but also thoroughly rubbed with a brush to get rid of the dead cells that feed the bacteria. Pay attention to your shoes - it should be made of natural materials. If it's not about shoes and hygiene, perhaps the cause of excessive sweating is fungus or flat feet. Then the only way out is antiperspirant and orthopedic footwear.

  5. Sweating palms
    Sweating palms

    Most often the hands sweat because of nervous tension.

    Go to the endocrinologist for verification, becauseOne of the reasons for sweating may be abnormalities in the thyroid gland. But if you are tormented by stress, you need advice from a psychologist. Try contrasting trays and antiperspirants as a means to combat this problem.

  6. Warts

    The papilloma virus is a contagious sore that is transmitted by personal contact or through things. In a group of special risk, those with weak immunity.

    It must be remembered that the virus penetrates through damaged areas of the skin. So do not forget about preventive measures: say "no" to close and rubbing shoes, treat sweating. Cure warts will help
    Plasters and pens with trichloroacetic acid. You can also consult a doctor, he will remove the warts with liquid nitrogen or a laser.

  7. Intimate smell
    Intimate smell

    This is natural, but when it changes, there is an occasion to reflect.

    Here the only way out is hygiene, but do not overdo it,Otherwise you will violate the acid-base balance and only exacerbate the problem. Wear cotton underwear, avoid tight clothes and immediately take off the swimsuit after the pool. Proper nutrition also helps to get rid of the intimate smell.

  8. Hair over the lip
    Hair over the lip

    This is a terrible dream for every woman.

    Only delete, and do not have to do it at home. Sign up for electroepilation, and you will forget about the gun above the upper lip.

  9. Layered nails
    Layered nails

    Pieces of the nail plate may be broken due to problems with the cardiovascular system, infection or vitamin deficiency.

    Vitamins a, e, c, group b, as well as additives with calcium. Doing a manicure, do not forget about the base. The usual substitute for medical.

Yes, it's really embarrassing to talk about these problems, but now you do not need to do it, because you can easily get rid of the long-suffering infection that has been bothering you!