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Advices of the 90-year-old woman

Region Brett is a woman who at 45 years has realized how to live to be happy. Thanks to this she lived for another 45 years, and at the age of 90 she felt great and looked irresistible.

There are people, Worldly wisdom Which amazes and drives mad. Sometimes a little child voices the truths from which the hair stands on end. And you think: why in a small head was born such a simple logical conclusion, and in the big heads of adults this did not happen?

But, fortunately, there are still adults whoUnderstand obvious things and do not succumb to the pernicious influence of stereotypes imposed by society. The utterance of this intelligent woman is an example for all who are accustomed to complicate their lives. Listen to these Wise thoughts about life, They can change your attitude to many things ...

Advice 90-year-old lady

  1. Life is unfair, but good no matter what.
  2. If in doubt, take another small step forward and see what happens next.
  3. Life is short, death is inevitable. Spending your days on hate is meaningless.
  4. When you get sick, only close people can help you - parents, relatives, friends. The work does not take care of you. Appreciate Human relations.
  5. Pay your credit card debts on time.
  6. It is not necessary to win a dispute. Just agree or disagree, this is your right.
  7. If you want to cry, do it with a loved one. Injustice, shared with a friend, is half of injustice.
  8. You can be angry with God, he will understand you anyway.
  9. Begin to save for retirement from the first salary.
  10. To resist sweets is meaningless, but possible.
  11. Be reconciled to the past in order to be happy in the present.
  12. Crying in the presence of your child is not a sin.
  13. Stop comparing your life with a stranger! Another's situation is dark.
  14. If the relationship should be secret, you do not need to participate in it.
  15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But God will not leave you.
  16. Advice 90-year-old lady

  17. A deep breath calms the mind.
  18. From everything that can not be called useful, beautiful or funny, get rid of without regrets.
  19. Something that does not kill you makes you stronger.
  20. You can have a happy childhood at any age. But the second childhood depends only on you!
  21. Follow what you really love in this life.
  22. Do not store anything for a special case. A special case is precisely today.
  23. Prepare with plenty, and then come what may.
  24. Be eccentric right now, so as not to wear defiant outfits in old age.
  25. Glamorous old lady

  26. The brain is the most important organ in sex.
  27. You yourself are responsible for your happiness.
  28. In any difficult situation, ask yourself: will this be so important in 5 years?
  29. Choose life, you have it alone.
  30. Farewell, and you, too, will be forgiven.
  31. You should not care what others think.
  32. Time heals, no matter how you resist.
  33. everything changes. A bad situation or a good one, it will change.
  34. Do not take yourself seriously.
  35. believe in miracles.
  36. God loves you just because he is a god.
  37. You will do in life as long as you can. Do not try to study life.
  38. To grow old is much better than to die young.
  39. Your children have only one future.
  40. It makes sense only love.
  41. Go out for a walk more often. Miracles happen constantly.
  42. If you could compare other people's problems with your own, you would choose your own.
  43. Envy is something that should not be wasted.
  44. The best is yet to come.
  45. It does not matter how bad you feel. Arise, get dressed, and be among the people.
  46. Give in.
  47. Although life is not in a beautiful wrapper, it's still a gift.

It would seem, there is nothing simpler than these rules. Their fulfillment is natural for many people, and they are happy ... everyone chooses for themselves, like him Build life. Responsibility for the state in which you are, you carry only.

Remember in time at least some of these wiseAdvice, and everything will fall into place! There is nothing more terrible than a person who lives his life without thinking about how he does it. You live only once, so try to do it worthy - be happy yourself and help to find this happiness for others, be useful. This old lady knew what she was talking about ...