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23 culinary tricks

Women who spend a lot of time in the kitchen,Know that during cooking, most of the time is occupied by various trifles. But, including your imagination and ingenuity, you can save a lot of time and effort.

"so simple!" Prepared for you 23 wonderful tips that will brighten up your stay in the kitchen. All is not as difficult as it seems to you!

Culinary tricks

  1. How beautiful and Quickly chop pineapple
    How to cut pineapple
  2. Creative cutting Watermelon
    How to cut a watermelon
  3. How to properly clean pepper

    How to peel a pepper

  4. Fast and easy Purification of pomegranate
    How to clean a grenade
  5. How easy it is to grate cheese
    How to grate cheese
  6. How easy to grind an egg
    How to grind an egg
  7. How quickly to clean boiled potatoes
    How to peel a potato
  8. How quickly to cook beets
    How to cook beets
  9. Bananas are not black
    How to store bananas
  10. To cool the drink 2 times faster
    How to cool a drink
  11. How to freshen stale bread
    How to return freshness to baked goods
  12. How quickly to cook beans
    How to cook beans
  13. Cheese bread
    Cheese bread
  14. That the salt does not harden
    How to store salt
  15. How to cook lentils
    How to cook lentils
  16. How to easily clean the avocado
    How to clean an avocado
  17. How to clean the root of ginger without unnecessary loss
    How to clean ginger
  18. Correct squid cleaning
    How to peel a squid
  19. Clean mixer Effortlessly
    How to wash the mixer
  20. Clean the oil
    How to clean an oil
  21. Carrot cleaning
    How to peel a carrot
  22. Dry freshly picked herbs
    How to dry herbs
  23. How to alleviate a too fatty dish
    Fatty dish

These tips will do you a lot of good. Now routine and monotonous work in the kitchen will cease to be boring! Use these tricks and share them with your friends!