/ How to draw positive energy into a house

How to draw positive energy into the house

It is high time for each of us to understand the truism: your home is the continuation of you. This is a place that affects both the physical and Spiritual state of a person very much. The house is dirty and messy - you will inevitably get sick and be upset by the chaos of what is happening in life. That the house was your fortress, in which the walls also help, it is necessary first of all to maintain order there. So do not forget to spend in the house such a necessary ritual as cleaning!

But one purity is not enough. There are matters that you can not see and feel. Your house is filled with your personal energy, different energy. Negative thoughts and events continue to hang in the air for a long time after their appearance, remaining relevant and reminiscent of themselves. Cleaning at the energy level Will make you feel better, no matter what the situation is now!

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The more positive emotions you experience,The better the quality of your life, is not it? If now it's hard for you, do not let go of your hands and plunge into the abyss of despair. There is a better solution - Cleaning the house from the negative. Bless your house, and you yourself will be blessed.

It's enough for believers to pray, but peopleTheir nature is very distrustful, even those who seriously follow all religious prescriptions. It is better for us to see once than to believe in something abstract ... therefore, having decided upon House cleaning, You need to hold a real ceremony, which will not leave in you a single drop of doubt that now everything will be different.

In ancient times people knew these secrets and performedOften symbolic actions that change the atmosphere in the house. Find out what it is desirable to do to change your state and improve your home at the energy level!

How to clean the house of the negative

  1. Include spiritual music, unusualChants, mantras. It will be wonderful if you also sing or play an improvised musical instrument - even the sound of a spoon beating against a glass glass will do. The main thing is melody.
  2. Invite your family to participate in their venture. Say a kind word to everyone, smile, embrace. Such family gatherings greatly strengthen the relationship. If you live alone - invite a friend, why not? To share with someone a positive attitude is always pleasant!
  3. Light a candle of unusual color. Pink - the best option, the color of youth, romance, beauty and tenderness.
  4. Walking with a candle around the house, peering into eachCorner. It's also great to light an incense sticks. A solemn procession to the music will definitely please you! This is not only an unusual pastime, it's a way to get away from reality and look at your house from the outside. The candle light will make any place cozy and sweet, you will feel safe.
  5. At the end of the procedure, leave the candle to burn in the very main room for at least an hour. Open all the windows and doors. The front door can not be opened, of course.
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It is very important to pronounce the words that will fillHouse by love and good. Of course, this can be your favorite prayer. But it's best to say sincerely about how you want your house to help you. Let the light, goodness and joy present in it more often!

Talk to surrounding objects, make friends withThem. Touch your favorite things and furniture with your hands. For love there are no boundaries, even inanimate matter respond to the words of love - they are transformed in your consciousness, when you utter good speeches.

After this mystery you will perceive yourHouse is different! Bad memories will disappear like haze, you will be comfortable in this room, even if it is one room, hopelessly littered with rubbish. Esoteric practices Are not suitable for everyone, and this, frankly, is good.

but Laws of psychology Work without fail! Tuned to a positive perception, you will establish internal contact with the house. People tend to identify themselves with their habitat - with their home, city, country. It is much better if these important elements of your life will cause you joy and trembling in your soul!

One who does not love his home and his country will never be happy living there. It's worth thinking about all lovers complaining about life and scolding everything around ... Beautiful and positive Can be found in anything, there would be a desire, there would be an impulse of the soul.

Cleanse your house of past grievances, troubles and losses. Come to visit a friend with aromatic sticks and make him have the same fun. The result will inspire you!

So that the friend's surprise is moderate, show him before this article.