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Tips from Shaolin monk

With those who are worried about the issue, How to stay young Body and soul, happy and healthy, the monk of the Shaolin monastery Shifu Yan Lei shares 10 wise counsel.

The great guru suggests to begin a new life Already today. All the recommendations say that in everything you need to know the measure. There must also be balance and harmony in life, and then old age will not be terrible for you.

Shaolin wisdom

Shaolin monk

  1. Do not think too much.
    It takes energy, health and age.
  2. Do not talk too much.
    Be that person who does, and not just speaks.
  3. Take breaks.
    If you have a lot of work, you need to take a break for 10 minutes every 40 minutes. If you concentrate on one subject for a long time, it will harm your eyesight, internal organs and peace of mind.
  4. Control yourself if you are happy.
    If you do not control yourself, it hurts the positive energy Loung (Analog of prana in Tibetan Buddhism). It is the energy of the vital wind.
  5. Do not worry too much and do not be angry for a long time.
    Release insults. If you hold them for a long time, it can harm the intestines and the liver.
  6. Do not overeat.
    Try to leave a slight feeling of hunger after eating. Overeating can harm the spleen and other organs.
  7. Do not rush things.
    Take the proverb: "the quieter you go, the further you'll get".
  8. Take up relaxation and stretching.
    If you exercise, then be sure to meditate and stretch. This will allow you not to be irritable and not to lose the energy of yin.
  9. Give time to loads.
    And vice versa, if you focus only on meditation and stretching, then you lose the yang energy. You also need to engage in active sports.
  10. Practice kung fu.
    This is necessary in order to balance the energies of yin and yang and to give harmony to your body and mind.

Some recommendations in our time are very difficult to follow. Nevertheless, most of them are relevant. They will help you achieve Harmony of body and soul.

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