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Why you need to leave on time

To leave does not mean to run and give up. Go away - sometimes it means simply changing something in your life, changing something that has already exhausted itself. How often did you stay at a party, not wanting to, out of fear of noticing the resentment on the face of the hospitable hosts of the house?

Sometimes you need to succumb to your sincere impulse and move resolutely towards the doorway. Despite all your fears and imposed by society Stereotypes, There is nothing bad in the changes.

Why it is necessary to leave on time

Changing your state, you change yourself. This means that you have a chance to return to this situation as a new person and look at everything from the top of a new experience. Of course, when it comes to the termination of relations, everything that happens is a tragedy ... but you can look at it from the other side.


If you're drinking with thieves, beware of your wallet. When there are people near you who can not appreciate you, do not try to prove something to them. Most likely, you are at different stages of development at the moment, for this reason, mutual understanding is violated.

distance, financial difficulties, Unwanted children and any other people can not cause the collapse of strong and healthy relationships, not build illusions.

Only the lack of mutual understanding spoils everything. Appreciate and respect not only yourself, but also another person. Everyone has the freedom to choose, and you have no right to decide something for him.


The contact that arises between people is a very fragile substance. If you strive to maintain this contact together, you can come to harmony. But when in emotional and Spiritual intimacy Only one person is interested, nothing good will come of it.

People in the world very much, and each of us -Beautiful and terrible at the same time. All make mistakes, all have their shortcomings. Sometimes we are capable of doing monstrous things, but these are just actions, the essence of a person does not change.

Bad people do not happen in principle. Are only aware of these elementary truths and people of a different kind. Those who need to learn something else and understand something. Give this person a chance: to become perfect without your participation.


Love conquers death. You can love a dead person for many years after his death, right? Leaving someone out of your life does not mean that you should hate it. When there are no forces to forgive and there are no forces to punish, immediately remember something good.

You have a lot of treasure atBusiness, whoever leaves you: memories, important conclusions, photographs ... you will be able to cope with anything, if you consider this phenomenon in a positive way. You leave yourself, or you release someone, always remember this.


You choose your own life. To be happy next to someone, you must necessarily decide what you want, to know yourself better.

Perhaps you occupied someone else's place, because you were immature and did not know what to do. You were weak and confused. Then it is worth leaving behind a void and going to meet new opportunities.

Believe me, if this is really your place, you'll come back here. And if not - do not worry. We are all interchangeable, however this fact frightens us.

Nature took good care of the mechanisms of conservation of the species, here you can not argue. Just make the right conclusions and try not to do more stupid things that led to Violation of mutual understanding In these relations.


Dreams Come True. You can not believe in anything and denyThe positive structure of the world as you like. Very soon you will have a chance to make sure that this is actually so. Be kinder, be sincere and determined.

What you dream about is the main trump card, this isThe direction by which you will continue to move, dissolving in new landscapes. Do you wonder where the dreams lead? Then go ahead without looking back, wider step!

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Leave on time, but always with gratitude. If you have something close to this post, show it to others.