/ How many eggs can I eat per day

How many eggs can you eat per day

We used to hear that Eggs - A liver-heavy product rich in cholesterol. Many people even completely exclude them from the diet, taking care of their health!

Today, studies of nutritionists confirm: Eggs must be eaten by everyone. Only people with diabetes and allergies should limit themselves. For the rest this product is priceless! I always include eggs in my daily menu, and that's why ...

How many eggs can you eat per day

Boiled eggs

  1. Egg is an easily digestible product
    Egg protein is absorbed by the body at 98% percent. This is an excellent building material for new cells. It is important to eat eggs for the growth of muscle mass and maintain it at the proper level.

    Eating 1 egg a day helps to lose weight. A nutritious protein product contributes to rapid saturation, decreased appetite and good metabolism. Especially useful to eat eggs for breakfast! It will help your body to control The hormone of hunger ghrelin, Do not overeat and feel great.

  2. Eggs are rich in vitamins
    Eggs have in their composition a whole set of usefulVitamins. In one egg you can find vitamin a - 5% of the daily rate and vitamin d - 10% of the daily rate. Phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, retinol, riboflavin - all these trace elements are present in the eggs.

    If you eat 1 egg daily, you do not have to worry about eye health: Antioxidant lutein Will protect the eye muscle from age-related degeneration, and vitamin A will save you from "night blindness" in the dark.

  3. Eggs protect from osteoporosis
    Boiled soft-boiled egg - a guarantee that yourThe bones will be strong. The problem of fragile bones is painful for many people, especially for women over 40. It is worth to protect yourself so that in the future you do not have to worry about your health!
  4. Eggs strengthen the brain
    In the composition of eggs is present Choline - superproduct for the brain! It helps improve memory, creative thinking, quick reaction to stimuli. For workers of intellectual work this food is simply irreplaceable!

    If a child after 3 years does not have allergies, it is very important to provide him with 1 egg per day for the proper development of the brain and the formation of a healthy hormonal background.

  5. Eggs reduce the risk of atherosclerosis!
    After eating eggs in the food levelCholesterol does not rise in the blood! Cholesterol in eggs is balanced in them by phosphatides (compounds similar to lecithin). Phosphatides prevent the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels.

    It is better to eat boiled eggs, without the cream and olive oil. This is 100% safe from the occurrence of problems with the liver.

Boiled eggs

Pay attention: a thin, breaking eggshell speaks of the reduced nutritional value of the product. but Shell color Not an indicator of the benefits of eggs, as is commonly believed!

If you do not eat eggs often, you should changeState of affairs. Dishes from eggs are prepared quickly, and a positive effect on the whole body is beyond doubt! 1 egg a day will do a miracle with your health.

Take care of yourself now, in order to be a blooming, healthy person in the future! And be sure to pass this information on to your close friends.