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Cleanliness rules in the East

Eastern civilization is one of the oldest on earth. For millennia Culture of the east Accumulated knowledge and observations, which were recorded by her sages. Eastern wisdom, which has a long history of traditions in its sources, is relevant to this day, and helps people in the knowledge of life.

Writer and philosopher fethullah Gülen believes that the wisdom of the East is the source of light that cleanses the spirit and helps people understand the truth. These 7 rules of purity are confirmation of his words.

Purity in the eastern

Eastern rules of purity

  1. Clean hands.
    Do not take unnecessary, that is, that which does not belong to you. Do not put unnecessary things, and share them with others. Give as much as possible a portion of income to those in need.
  2. Purity of the ears.
    Do not listen to angry people. Shield the rumor from gossip and idle chatter.
  3. Purity of eyes.
    Eradicate hatred, anger and envy. Do not be equal to someone, go your own way!
  4. Purity of the mouth.
    Do not talk and do not blasphemy, because it can affect you. Reputation then it will be very difficult to recover.
  5. Purity of body and clothing.
    Keep the body and clothes clean. This rule must be respected by every person in society.
  6. Purity of thoughts.
    Drive away negative thoughts and evil thoughts from yourself. They badly affect your emotional and physical health. Also you can not feel sorry for yourself and give up.
  7. Purity of the heart and soul.
    Be sincere in your desires and do not ignore them. Love and do all works with a pure heart, without demanding anything in return.

If you stick to these 7 eastern rules, Then you will change your life for the better. Become a pure soul and body, then the problems themselves will leave you!

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