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Yoga for children

Children are capricious at all because of their badCharacter or bad parenting. The reasons for stubbornness, hysteria and absurd behavior are completely different. Baby does not want to go for a walk? Does not want to sleep? Refuses to eat? With a high probability we can say that he feels uncomfortable, is in a state of stress and tension and is trying Accumulate energy In unaccustomed and very bad, according to adults, actions.

When an adult is angry and worriedStress, he copes with this in different ways: someone is engaged in sports, someone smokes, someone meditates and practices yoga ... yoga is great for children. This method will strengthen the health of a small creature and take care of its nervous system. Doing yoga will bring a lot of fun to the child, because it's so much like an exciting game!

Yoga for children

  1. bee
    Ask the child to take a deep breath. Down on your knees, put your hands behind your back. Exhale, lower your head down and buzz like bees. Correct breathing is the main point, deep sighs instantly calm and help the child to fight with repressed emotions.
  2. Bee posture

  3. Cat's pose
    Frustration, stress and anger can easily be overcome withUsing this simple pose. Teach your child to breathe deeply and arch his spine like a real cat. This will strengthen the muscles of the back and give the child confidence in their own abilities. The spine is the axis, all the human activity is built around it. Retraction of the abdomen and tension of the back muscles are very beneficial for the spine and helps to learn to control negative emotions.
  4. Cat pose

  5. cloud
    This wonderful post helps outAll the hidden clamps and injuries that the child is experiencing. Breathing deeply and exhaling, the child must imagine how all the emotions that torment him go up into the clouds. To stretch out your hands to the clouds - ask for help from the sky, gain energy. If the child is trained in this technique, he can remain energetic and balanced even in the most difficult situations.
  6. Pose of the cloud

  7. Tree pose
    The idea of ​​this posture is to learn how to maintain balance, beIn harmony, even when it seems impossible. Concentration helps stabilize the condition. You need to get straight, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, breathe deeply. One leg needs to be bent and frozen, resting on the other leg. Hands should be straight, it's best to imagine that these are twigs of a tree on which amazing good friends live: positive emotions in the images of different animals.
  8. Tree pose

  9. The pose of a child
    This posture has a deeply soothing effectOn the central nervous system, gives the child a sense of security. Get on your knees, curl up, keep your hands along the trunk. Breathe deeply, using the entire volume of the lungs. This posture helps to fall asleep even to very active children, excited after an eventful day.
  10. The pose of a child

If you teach a child to influence his emotional state from childhood with the help of Body movements, He will grow up to be balanced, mentally healthyPersonality. The modern world is full of different energies, and children are especially sensitive to everything react. Do not rush to scold the capricious baby - better show him the way that will give the child peace of mind, instead of screaming and punishing, choose quiet explanations and instructions.

Yoga for children is a great way to conduct Time with the child, An invaluable benefit for the body and strengthening the nervous system. It is worth trying this exceptional entertainment!