/ How to find out the ideal weight

How to know the ideal weight

Ideal weight - the weight that is optimal for your health. If you like yourself at a certain weight and feel good, it's wonderful.

Fashion for weight loss and the desire for unnatural parameters do their job, so people start to doubt whether their weight is normal, even if everything seems to suit them ...

How to find out the ideal weight

This table is different from online calculators, calculating the ideal weight: it is created Medical professionals, Which accurately calculated the relationship between height and weight of a healthy person.

Of course, pay attention not only toWeight, but also in the state in which the muscles of a person are, whether they are toned. With the right balance of muscles and fat in the body of problems with excess weight you will never have, because muscles help support Active metabolism.

Ideal weight

Be sure to practice sports! Do not have high hopes for diets - during severe dietary restrictions you will lose an impressive amount of muscle mass, metabolism will slow down.

And this is very bad for your health and does not adorn the figure at all. Flabby body Can not be attractive, leanness is ugly if the muscles do not create expressive forms.

Approach with the mind guarantees you strong health and excellent appearance! Always listen to the recommendations of doctors, this is the best thing you can do for yourself.