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Cement fireplace

Those who have a summer house, a garden or at least a balcony, will find this idea delightful! To have a fireplace at home does not want only a man completely devoid of romance. Small hearth, Which can be carried - it's a dream! It can be used not only to keep warm on a cool evening: such an improvised fireplace will replace a fire for cooking dishes on the grill.

A convenient round container made of cement can be used not only as a fireplace, but also as a flower pot, store small household items in it ...

Bowl of cement

You will need

  • 2 plastic bowls
  • Instant cement
  • sandpaper
  • respirator
  • Gloves
  • vegetable oil
  • sponge


  1. This is important: be sure to put on before starting work Respirator and rubber gloves. Take two bowls of suitable sizes that fit easily into each other. Wipe them with vegetable oil.
  2. Explode cement with water, mix with spatula. Pour the cement into the bowl a little more.
  3. Put a small bowl on top, press the cement with it so that you get a groove.
  4. When the cement is a little hard, take out the top bowl. Use a sponge to level the surface.
  5. The fireplace is almost ready! You just need to turn the plate and easily remove the round container. Then - carefully treat it with sandpaper so that there are no rough edges.
  6. That's how this gorgeous thing looks! Incredibly convenient - you can transfer the fireplace wherever you like. A unique atmosphere is guaranteed!

But here's a video for everyone who is interested in this idea:

Such a small neat bowl can be used not only as a Camp-stand. It can plant plants, you can make a summer residence for a pet - a favorite turtle or a fish ...

It is possible to paint cement with special paints. Ideas of mass! Be sure to try to make yourself such beauty. Summer is approaching, why not decorate it with pleasant ones Decorative details?

Your friends hardly came up with the idea of ​​a fireplace made of cement, inspire them to do something wonderful with their own hands!