/ How to not gain weight after losing weight

How not to gain weight after losing weight

Harmony is a way of life. The most difficult thing is not to get rid of extra pounds. A very important point is to do everything so that they do not return back ...

Often after a strict diet many wishing to lose weight, there are disruptions, and excess weight Again appears, it happens - even increases. You can avoid this! It is enough to understand that to maintain a figure you must adhere to certain rules constantly. Then the problem with excess weight will become completely irrelevant for you.

How not to gain weight after losing weight

  1. Watch out for the volumes.
    Stop obsessing about the number of kilograms. It is much better to monitor the state of the figure, focusing on the volume. Measure yourself with a centimeter, record the indicators. Do it once a week. So it is easier to control the changes that occur in the body.

    Also watch for clothes - the weight can remain stable, but the volume - increase! If you start to fit into things that were previously too small for you, everything is in order.

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  2. If the weight is stable - it's already good.
    Losing weight - the process is gradual. Remember that the fatty tissue is strewn with a huge number of capillaries. When the fat is burned, these capillaries, which nourished the fatty tissue, must also disappear. Let your body reorganize, do not demand too much immediately.

    Stop worrying about adding 300 g or rejoice when 500 g disappears! It's stupid.

  3. The disappearance of 70 grams of fat a day is a good result.
    You can get rid of only 70 grams of fat a day,Maximum - can go 150 g. All other weight decreases are attributed to dehydration and other metabolic processes. Thin with the mind, realize what is happening to you.
  4. Watch over a dream!
    If you want to lose weight effectively and look young - watch your dream. The person best loses weight in a dream, in addition, the sleepers are not prone to overeating.
  5. Take fish oil.
    When you reduce the consumption of fatty foods, yourThe body responds to this immediately. For example, it can manifest itself in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. So that there are no problems, drink on fasting fish oil or vegetable oil in small amounts.
  6. Eat protein food.
    Proteins - 40%, fats - 15%, complex carbohydrates - 45%. Such components of the daily diet provide your body with all the necessary substances for life and help lose weight.
  7. Move!
    Losing weight is impossible without a constant motorActivity. It can be not necessarily a sport - even walking is very useful and will positively affect the overall condition and figure. During exercise, an excellent environment is created to assimilate the protein, the cells begin to function better.
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  9. Drink plenty of water.
    Water will not only help to remove toxins fromBody and faster to lose weight, but also solve many problems with digestion. Consumption of large amounts of water will help improve the skin, smooth wrinkles and get rid of peeling.
  10. Food is not the greatest pleasure in life.
    It is worth replacing the food with other pleasures, and youImmediately you will become slimmer! Communication, walking, hobbies - all this is much more interesting than a dense dinner, right? Do not treat food as a source of pleasure, and it will immediately become easier for you to adhere to proper nutrition.
  11. Change the attitude towards yourself.
    To remain slender, a person mustTo realize that losing weight with him has already happened, to learn to live in a new body, in a new state. Then the complexes will cease to be the cause of overeating and a set of excess weight. Raise your self-esteem - from this your appearance will only benefit!

These 10 commandments will be useful to all who crazily dream of A slim figure. Re-read them more often - sometimes successes or misses in losing weight interfere with a sober view of things, but you should always evaluate yourself and what you do, objectively.

Maintaining a healthy weight - not at all a problem, there is nothing complicated. Try to live in the rhythm of these tips for a while and make sure by your own experience that you can achieve a lot, you just need to.