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Tips for summer residents

Summer season Has long been open. Some people began to plant their favorite crops and flowers little by little and take care of them.

so "so simple!" Prepared 10 tricks to facilitate the life of gardeners and truck farmers. Their main advantage is that they are inexpensive and simple. They were used in practice by many people and were satisfied with the result.

Tips for gardeners

  1. Self-cleaning tool and self-sharpener.
    Self-sharpening tool

    Mound in a pot of sand and mix it with butter. You can take vegetable, engine oil or warm up unnecessary fat. After work, stick the tool several times in the sand to clean off the stuck ground.

    Sand will make the cutting surfaces and teeth bright and sharp, and the oil will protect against rust. Small tools can be stored in such oil sands throughout the winter so that they do not rust.

  2. ground coffee
    ground coffee

    After you enjoy a delicious coffee, do not rush to throw out the thick. Use it For soil enrichment And from pests.

  3. Old boots
    Pots of boots

    Use old boots to plant flowers in them.

  4. eggshell

    With the help of an egg shell you can fertilize the soil and increase the yield.

  5. two in one
    Measuring tape

    So as not to take extra items to the dacha, make a measuring tape from the shovel.

  6. Bottles
    Fringing from bottles

    Make an original edging in your garden with empty bottles.

  7. Garden markers
    Garden markers

    Garden markers

    Use old stones or plastic forks As garden markers.

  8. Old photoalbum
    Storage of seeds

    Use the old photo album as a place to store the seeds. They will always be at hand.

  9. Old t-shirt
    Old t-shirt

    Advice for beginners in gardening. Tie the tomatoes with a striped old T-shirt!

  10. Herb garden
    Herb garden

    Make a small Herb garden In an old wooden box.

These simple and inexpensive tricks will help you become a true gardener. With their help you can Increase yields Or decorate the garden.

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