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Spray for furniture

After several months of using new furniture, various spots or scratches appear on its surface, from which it is almost impossible to get rid of, without spoiling the appearance even more.

But furniture can be restored using natural ingredients, and "so simple!" Prepared for you Spray recipe, Which will give your furniture a second chance.

Spray for furniture


  • 1 clean empty aerosol dispenser
  • olive oil
  • vinegar
  • lemon juice

  1. Pour 180 ml of olive oil into a bottle with a spray. Do not spare money for high quality oil.
  2. Spray for furniture

  3. Add 60 ml of vinegar.
  4. Spray for furniture

  5. For a pleasant smell, add 10 ml of lemon juice to the mixture.
  6. Spray for furniture

  7. Close the bottle with a spray and shake the mixture.
    Spray for furniture

    The product will be usable for about a month. To remove all contaminants and Scratches on furniture, Use a clean and dry sponge.

  8. Furniture with scratches

This same mixture can be used for furniture,Covered with leather or its substitute. It is better to take orange instead of lemon juice and check in an inconspicuous corner, it is normal for the skin to react to the remedy.

The best thing about this recipe is what to cook itIt is possible in a matter of seconds and this mixture is absolutely harmless to the human body, unlike chemical means for furniture, which can be purchased at the store.

Take this advice and yours furniture Will be as new!