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The Truth About Taurus

Calves - patience itself. They can be safely considered a role model, because people born under this sign, it is almost impossible to derail themselves. If at you it all the same will turn out, you will feel on yourself all indestructible wave of fury. The cup of their patience is deep enough, but when it overflows, the flood can not be stopped.

Bulls are a very home sign. They do not like Leave your comfort zone With habitual places and people. They do not need to become the soul of the company. Calves will always stick to their course, will always give good advice and help in difficult times.

But at the same time, it is very Tacit. And yet, they are the most stubborn people in the world. Besides, we must admit that bulls never offend anyone with their sense of humor. They always worry about the feelings of other people.

The male-calf is the best dad in the world. He in moderation observes the methods of "carrot and stick". Men born under this sign - Ideal husbands. They are not spoilers, but at the same time do not regret anything for their chosen one.

The woman-taurus is harmonious in everything. She is reasonable, sober in her choice and judgments. She will not be an ordinary wife or mother, she is a real friend.

The whole truth about bulls


  1. Calves in work
    It's always professionals. They have "golden hands", an acute and practical mind. They are not afraid of routine work, because for them the result is important. Satisfaction with their successes is the main incentive for their career growth.
  2. Bulls in love
    The bull-cart is again patient and very affectionate. He will try in every possible way to protect his chosen one from any troubles and problems. He does not need short-term intrigues, he craves understanding between partners.

    But if a male body is waiting for a break in relations, thisCan have a very negative effect on his future choice. He can become more cynical and distrustful. It is necessary to prove to the offended calf that it is loved and appreciated, then it is possible To return a sincere romantic In his soul.

    A woman-taurus loves attention. She can have several fans at the same time to satisfy her whims. But if she still chooses one, all the other fans will go to the background. She will give herself entirely to her chosen one.

  3. Bulls in sex
    They like variety in sex and various experiments. Any refusal of intimacy for a representative of this sign is equated with personal dislike and treason.
  4. Erogenous zones of calves
    They adore tactile sensations, so without touch they can not begin the process of foreplay. Their language of love - gentle touches and passionate kisses. Their erogenous zones are the neck and ears.
  5. Bulls in friendship
    They are very loyal and reliable friends, but to getIn their close circle is not so easy. To do this, you need to be checked by time and circumstances. Remember that bulls do not forgive deception. They love warm Heart-to-heart talks And may even be jealous of their friends, because they appreciate the emotional connection.

    Bodies will not tolerate the pressure exerted onTheir person, and they hate to do what they do not like or think unreasonable. If you decide to give the calf an order, do it in the form of a friendly request.

That's all there is to know and remember about this sign of the zodiac. Calves are very good people, friendship with which can last a lifetime, if, of course, be sincere with them.