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Plants that repel mosquitoes

With the advent of spring and heat, the mosquito season begins. No one is immune to these pests and does not really want to use the store Anti-mosquito means, Which are full of harmful substances. But nature took care of ourselves. There are some wonderful plants that well repel mosquitoes. Put them on your balcony and forget about the scratched blisters from mosquito bites.

Plants that repel mosquitoes


  1. Melissa, mint, basil or rosemary Have a pungent smell of essential oils that repel mosquitoes. You can even just rub the skin with the leaves of these plants to prevent bites.
  2. Conventional tomatoes Also scare the bloodsuckers. Planting this plant, you can also enjoy delicious homemade tomatoes.
  3. Pelargonium fragrant Not only will scare off pests, but will please you with its beauty.
  4. garlic Is an especially effective tool that is useful in the household.
  5. lavender Is good not only against moths, but also will scare off mosquitoes. The only drawback of this plant - instead of mosquitoes, bees will fly.
  6. nut Too, is a plant that will scare off mosquitoes.

Thanks to these plants, with the advent of darkness you will not wait for the squeak of bloodsuckers, but you can safely enjoy a warm summer evening! Share this precious advice with your friends!