/ / Curling hair with conventional straws

Curling hair with conventional straws

Curls decorate any girl with Long hair. About the chic volume and elegant styling everyone dreams, especially in the mornings, when you need to hurry up and there is no time to do this styling.

Well, that there are tricks that will help achieveAn ideal hairstyle in the morning, without spending a single extra minute on priests in front of the mirror. With the help of the most common straws for cocktails, you can create a mind-boggling hairstyle! This trick for Perming of hair Will help you more than once, remember the instructions.

Perming of hair with straws


  • About 20 straws
  • water
  • Hair clips
  • hair spray

  1. One and the same hairstyle every day terribly bothers ...
    Perms of hair photo
  2. Undress the hair into neat strands, moisten them with water.
    Perms of hair photo
  3. Wrap the hair on straws, fasten them with hairpins.
    Perming of hair with straws
  4. Straws are very convenient to use - they bend as you like.
    Straws for a wave of hair
  5. Sprinkle your hair with varnish. It is better to choose a varnish with not very strong fixation, if there is no varnish, you can use Mousse for hair. Only mousse needs to be applied before winding the hair on the tubes.
    hair spray
  6. Is it convenient to sleep with a head covered with plastic tubes? Much more comfortable than with the same soft curlers. In the morning straws are very easy to remove, for a couple of minutes your hair will be ready!
  7. That's what chic hair is like! Such curls will suit all girls with long hair or with medium length hair. Incredible volume and romantic image are guaranteed!
    A wave of hair

Thanks to this lifhak you can lookBeauty from the very morning, without spending an extra effort. A beautiful appearance will give you confidence for the whole day, you will feel comfortable and catch the admiring glances of others. But for a woman it's so important! Ordinary straws are capable of real magic ...

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