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Doctors refuse resuscitation

Ken Murray is a doctor of medicine who dared to raise a very important topic. This is rarely discussed, but doctors also die. And they do not die like other people ...

"Vain treatment" - this is horrible in fact. If the doctor worked in Ambulance Or in intensive care, he is almost always againstTo be revived. When the patient is terminally ill, already at the age of or has a fatal diagnosis, the probability of a good resuscitation outcome is almost non-existent, with the probability of suffering almost 100%.

Doctors refuse resuscitation

Ken tells the story of his mentor,A solid orthopedic physician. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the health care provider refused any treatment. All the remaining time of his life he spent at home, in the family circle and died, surrounded by close people.

Doctors refuse resuscitation

Of course, doctors do not want to die. But they know: everyone deserves a worthy death. Like no other, the doctor is aware of what can be done in his case, and knows how to return people to life, how to break ribs, doing an indirect heart massage.

95 thousand cases Cardiopulmonary resuscitation In 2010 showed that only 8% of patients could live more than a month after this procedure. And this month was full of unbearable torment.


Doctors tend to re-treat and take everything,To save a person's life. Because the salvation of life is guaranteed by law, and doctors are afraid of responsibility! Those close to the deadly patient also insist on the possibility of prolonging life.

But when they perform operations that can not save a person, but only prolong painful torments, this is very scary. When the doctor sees this or participates in similar Treatment activities, He firmly decides: no resuscitation. I want to die peacefully, close to my loved ones and want to suffer as little as possible.

Resuscitation tattoo

Many American doctors indicate in their wills a refusal to resuscitate and even do Tattoos On the body with such a request. Sometimes hang on things special keychains with the inscription. Doctors think in advance about what their last day will be and ask their colleagues to let them go quietly.

Resuscitation tattoo

The death of another person is a reminder ofOur own death. Grieving for someone, we mourn for ourselves. Doctors see many deaths and know that it is best to be at home in the last minute and die with peace of mind, without unnecessary pain ...

Resuscitation photos

Each of us has a familiar doctor. Ask him about this problem. You will be amazed at what you will hear in return ...