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12 creative methods of serving the usual dishes

When it seems to many that you know almost everything about cooking, "so simple!" There is always an excuse to surprise even the most real gurus of the kitchen. Our friendly team is confident that Cooking It is possible and necessary to approach with inspiration in order to somehow diversify this boring process.

For example, you are unlikely to have come to this beforeHead idea to serve pancakes in the form of candies on a stick or to cook pancakes in a conventional waffle iron. Again I am convinced that everything that is ingenious is simple! See how you can Come up to the cooking, It would seem, ordinary things. Called, live, learn!

Interesting serving of dishes

  1. Appetizing dainty from potatoes
    Bored the usual baked potatoes? Here's a very tasty advice. Take potatoes, make cuts in it, put cheese, bacon, sauce, greens into them and taste them in the oven. The divine dish from the usual products is ready!
    Unusually baked potatoes
  2. Unusual fried eggs
    Even a typical bachelor breakfast - all known fried eggs - can be turned into a work of art.
    Unusual fried eggs
  3. The most delicious soft drink in the world
    Just chop the chocolate biscuits, put them into ice molds and fill with milk. Put in the fridge and get it always, when you want to freshen up and cool, for summer just an indispensable thing!
    Chocolate chip cookies on ice
  4. Spiral sausages
    If you want to cook something unusual on the grill, cut the sausages in a spiral before you put them on the skewers. Comes out very original!
    Unusual sausages
  5. When bread is a work of art
    Do on the bread cuts "lattice" and invest in themCheese and greens. Bake in the oven or in the oven. You get an original crunchy snack that will hit all your loved ones on the spot. Hurry, this delicacy is best to eat hot.
    Unusually sliced ​​bread
  6. How to Preheat Pizza
    The one who came up with this is a genius! Pizza can be heated not only in the microwave, but also in the waffle iron.
    Pizza in waffle iron
  7. Draniki in waffle iron
    How much I live in the world, and this I see for the first time!
    Draniki in waffle irons
  8. a sausage sandwich
    Now you know how to completely cover the bread surface with sausage.
    a sausage sandwich
  9. Octopus
    Just stick the spaghetti into the sausages and cook it all. The result will be to everyone's liking!
    Sausages and spaghetti
  10. Pancake on stick
    It's a wonderful idea to serve pancakes! Besides, they are very convenient to eat with honey, jam or sweet sauce.
    Pancakes on a stick
  11. How to cut ice cream
    Cold ice cream is best cut with a hot knife.
    How to cut ice cream
  12. Cut right
    It turns out to cut cakes, cheese and other soft foods, it is enough to use a strong thread.
    Slicing cake

Many of these ideas are so steep that I alreadyToday I will begin to implement them. Especially I liked spiral sausages, I'll definitely try to cook them in nature - this beauty and stomach fills, and the eye pleases.

Do not be greedy, share these ideas with your friends. Maybe they will discover something new in this collection!