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Sexual disorders in women

It is worth thinking about every beautiful representative of the weaker sex. Modern women have three Sexual deviations, Whose names sound rather scandalous. This is - zoophilia, pedophilia and masochism.

"Are these deviations so widespread?"- you will think in perplexity. Alas. Our wonderful women often choose as a companion alcoholic, but this is - an animal, in fact. Here's to you and zoology in its purest form!

With pedophilia and so everything is clear - often womenEducate and protect the man next to him, like his own son, as a little boy. Masochism is the sign of every second: you are hurt, offended, humiliated, but for some reason you endure and do not leave ...

It is obvious: Unsatisfied with her life in general, an unrealized woman can not be satisfied sexually. You can cheat yourself, change partners, do anything, but for a woman sex always has a ritual meaning. This is not only a physical, but also an emotional process, the exchange of emotions at the highest level! And if an immature personality of a completely different level of development is near, it is impossible to enjoy it fully.

Sexual disorders

Sexual disorders in women

Modern woman has a hard time, you needHave time to cope with domestic chores, and simultaneously learn or work. In society there is a program: to finish school, go to college and get married successfully, while - you need not forget about the career.

It seems to be nothing complicated ... but divorceStatistics and the number of single mothers show that most people do not understand: why do they need a marriage at all, do they need it or not? How to choose a partner for yourself? What kind of partner is needed for life?

Women make unforgivable mistakesAttitude to yourself, and all because society does not care about making people live well. Men and women are in a vicious circle of unsuccessful marriages, bad sex and constant betrayals. Why does this happen?

Sexual disorders

If you ask why you are getting marriedVasyu, and not for the stitch, what will you answer? I can not live without Vasi, he's so good, he loves me, I love him ... how so? Why can not you live without it, are you such a helpless and mentally unstable person with the fear of the future that you need Vasya? Vasya, who will be obliged to be only now with you, because you can not without him?

Variants of events and different situations can beTo describe infinitely, but there are the main reasons for which marriages are very rare. Honestly answer the questions: Do you know yourself? What do you want, what you love? How do you imagine a worthy partner next door? Easy to answer? The first reason for unsuccessful marriages is that people who start this all do not know themselves at all.

before get married, Take on such a serious responsibility,As the life of a new person, you need to deal with your grievances. Remember that you did not like the way your parents raised you, in the relationship between them. Resentment must be forgiven and form in itself a personal relationship to a man and relationships, think about who you are and what you want.

With whom you are generally comfortable, interesting, good, withWhom, where and in what moments you are happy. Remember: the more you develop your positive qualities, the better your life becomes. Everything that surrounds you is just a mirror, and problems are clues, if something bad happens, you are mistaken.

Systematically, for a little bit every day do something,That you love, change your nasty job to your favorite hobby, develop. When you learn to accept yourself, real love and excellent sex will appear in your life, without unhealthy emotional deviations.

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The world is beautiful and amazing. When you are not satisfied with life now in some aspects - do not despond. It will necessarily change for the better, because now you know what to do! Show this article to your friends, share the most intimate.