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The tricks for an ideal picnic

Trees bloom, the air gets warmer, everythingFilled with the intoxicating scent of spring. With the heat inevitably comes the season of picnics: so you want to have fun, enjoying the fresh air and surrounding beauty. What can be more pleasant than entertainment with friends and family? only Outdoor activities In the same company!

Offer you 16 tricks that will decorate your Holiday in nature And turn it into a real feast. It's time to plan a vacation, do not miss the moment: in spring the nature is unusually beautiful ...

How to organize a perfect picnic

  1. Container for cooling drinks Inside the table! To make such a thing can any man who is alien to laziness. A small iron box is mounted on a table, filled with ice ... and miracles happen.
  2. Container for cooling drinks

  3. Idea for a beautiful Decoration of cutlery.
  4. Decoration of cutlery

  5. Original stand-up party: Guests can make a sandwich, following their own refined taste. The right to choose is always there!
  6. Original stand-up party

  7. Shower from a plastic bottle - the best summer shower. The enthusiasm of children will be limitless! A good idea for water entertainment with a child.
  8. Shower from a plastic bottle

  9. Fruit in a waffle cup Will be destroyed by guests instantly.
  10. Fruit in a waffle cup

  11. Classical salvation from bloodsuckers: stick in lemon A few "pins" of a carnation. Mosquitoes can not stand the smell of lemon, because they refuse to participate in the feast.
  12. Lemon with cloves

  13. So it is convenient Salad packaging.
  14. Salad packaging

  15. Protect drinks from insects With the help of a nice lid.
  16. Lid for a glass

  17. the most comfortable Way to eat watermelon: It's worth trying and cutting it that way.
  18. As there is a watermelon

  19. Lemonade best quenches thirst in the summer days. Stylish Bar design With lemonade will become a local landmark.
  20. Bar design

  21. Basket with sunscreen And means from mosquitoes should always be kept at hand.
  22. Basket with sunscreen

  23. Wonderful Candlesticks Are obtained from ordinary cans.
  24. Can candlesticks

  25. Marshmallow, roasted at the stake, - this is incomparable. The best dessert in the hike!
  26. Marshmallow at the stake

  27. With the help of wrapping paper or a piece of wallpaper with ornament can be non-standard To issue a festive table. And why did not I think about this before?
  28. Decoration of a festive table

  29. Idea for an easy snack: Put rice in glasses, chicken and salad layers, add the sauce, grated cheese. And beautiful, and insanely delicious!
  30. Ideas for a snack

  31. Ordinary ice cubes have the property of dissolving, diluting cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Whether it's business Frozen fruit: Melting, they will not change the quality of drinks. Besides it looks great !!
  32. Frozen fruit

A picnic is no place for boredom. Boldly experiment, come up with something new to create an unforgettable atmosphere on your holiday. When you do something with pleasure, the result is much better. Economic preparations for A holiday in nature - also fun! Bring close to the joint creativity, it will contribute to an atmosphere of mutual understanding in the family.

Show all these tricks that will turn an ordinary picnic into a feast!