/ How to Get Rid of Ear Pain

How to get rid of ear pain

earwax - yellow resinous substance, produced inThe ear canal, which serves as a natural antiseptic and helps to remove the dead epithelium from the ear. A portion of the sulfur is discharged outward as a result of chewing or yawning, and some remain.

The habit of peeling ears with cotton buds is fraught with ramming sulfur, which can lead to the formation of Sulfur fuse. Also by careless movement you risk damaging your eardrum.

From an excessive accumulation of sulfur in the ear, there may be a feeling of congestion, deterioration of hearing, A sharp pain in the ear, Headache and dizziness.

How to get rid of ear pain

It is safe to clean your ear, soften the ear plug and get rid of the pain you can by cooking home ear drops.

Drip into the ear

Mix in equal parts apple cider vinegar and alcohol. Dip a pipette into the sore ear of 3 drops of medicine, tilting your head to one side. After instillation pull the lobe, helping the composition to lubricate the walls of the ear canal. After 1 minute, go back to the starting position - diluted sulfur will leak out of the ear. Wipe the auricle with a paper towel.

Except that these drops help get rid of the accumulated sulfur, vinegar creates an acidic environment in the ear in which fungi and bacteria are destroyed, and alcohol dries up the areas of inflammation.

If you have any problems with your ears, ask for a consultation with Laura to rule out the probability of acute otitis. Simple methods of caring for the ears can keep the ears!

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