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How to erase marks from a marker

Probably, everyone had a situation when you or someone from your relatives got dirty Indelible marker. In a house where there are small children, this problem is very urgent: it is only for adults to turn away for a second, as the marker immediately finds itself in the hands of a crumb.

Erase a marker From the skin - it's half bad, but wipe it off the furniture,Clothing and other surfaces - this is a real problem. But even, it would seem, in such a desperate situation you can find a solution. If you suddenly smeared the marker with your favorite thing, do not be upset, it can be easily eliminated. Remember the information and use it!

How to erase marker traces

  1. Stain removal takes a certain time, so do not expect that they disappear instantly.
  2. Before removing stains from the marker, wipe the surface with warm soapy water, and then with a dry cloth.
  3. If there is already some artificial coloring on the soiled surface, then you need to be extremely careful, because, for example, alcohol will clean not only the marks from the marker, but also the paint.

How to remove spots from a marker

This is very useful information that will be useful to everyone, because everything can happen in life.

Be careful when using permanent markers, and also share this useful information with your friends.