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Memory training

Memory is your treasure. The value you are thinking about, just starting to lose it ... Ability to remember Decides the fate of man, this is an important part of the brain. The good news is that you can strengthen and develop memory with the help of special techniques.

This issue is mnemonics - a science that explores memory and its capabilities. With the help of cunning techniques of mnemonics you will learn how to remember information in any volumes.

Get acquainted with these useful ways of developing memory, they will definitely change your life for the better. The technique is taken from the book "The development of memory" - all interested can read it and delve into the wonderful world of possibilities of the human brain.

How to improve memory

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  1. Form associations.
    To remember important information, you need to Form an unusual association!! Everyone knows what the Apennine Peninsula looks likeOnly because it resembles a boot. It's much easier to apply this technique in practice than you think, try it. This will help you remember the really necessary things.
  2. Think up words.
    Do you want to remember a complicated word? Think up words that will create a vivid image and will push you to the desired term. Let's say you want to remember the word "empathy" (conscious empathy for the state of some person).

    «Emus emus went to the party"- and now you see a real ostrich in festive clothes, which carries a sign with the right word in its hands. Great, right? Strange and stupid images crash into memory, like a knife in oil!

  3. Connect the phenomena with each other.
    Everyone knows how difficult it is at times to remember the listUpcoming business or shopping. To not miss anything, connect the phenomena with each other with the help of associations! For example, you need to go to the doctor this week, congratulate your friend on his birthday and be sure to buy a light bulb home. Imagine a doctor with a bouquet of lilies and a light bulb instead of a head. This image will guide you along the right path, as if you will not forget anything!
  4. Highlight the important.
    If you need to make a speech or just to have an important conversation with someone, do not hurry to memorize the text. It's ineffective! Better to allocate Main words, Which should sound, and connect them with bright images.

    Read the text of the speech several times, clarify for yourselfAll points. It's nice to speak only those people who understand something. Now rehearse - speak for yourself, remembering images and clinging to them. Ingenious orator at your service!

  5. Feel and realize.
    It is very important to be able to remember the faces and names of people -Without this it is difficult to be socially successful. Never hesitate to ask again, like the name of a person, if he did not remember or did not hear. Calling a person by name, you will always be credible. Look attentively at the face of a new acquaintance and connect the characteristic features of a person with his name.

    For example, a girl has big eyes, and her surname -Martynyuk. Imagine in the hands of this girl something in between a lemur and a monkey with big eyes. The association will be stable, you will remember the name and appearance of the girl.

  6. Remember through the senses.
    The best way to remember where you put that orAnother important thing, is to connect this place with physical pain. For example, you always forget where your glasses are and put them in unsuitable places. The next time, pay attention to the location of the glasses: leaving them in your pocket, imagine that the pocket is full of glass shards and you will greatly cut yourself if you put your hand there.

    This will be remembered for a long time, the instinct of self-preservation is an interesting mechanism that can be used.

  7. Develop the memory of the child.
    If you develop memory from childhood, it will be much easier for a child to live in this information-rich world. So teach the kid Create vivid images And so memorize the objects, it will come in handy! In addition, he will take everything as a fun game.
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Memory helps you navigate the situation, helps you out every day. Thank your brain, having spent a little time on its development - try these Methods of associative thinking. The result you like!

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