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Older Generation Tips

We all want to live a long and Happy life. But in order to achieve this, you needTry. True, sometimes we direct our efforts to those things that are really worthless. Here it is necessary to rely on the advice of older and more experienced comrades.

Recently a survey was conducted among people who were over 50. they had to give advice: "What do you need to do before age 30 to feel great in 50?" We have selected the most important advice for you!

Advice from the older generation

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  1. do not smoke
    The majority of smokers surveyed, complaining aboutProblems with health, advised to give up this addiction. All is logical. From this there is no benefit, you are ruining yourself yet and you pay money for it.
  2. Use sunscreen
    Taking sun baths without sunscreen, you risk that your skin will eventually become thin, dry and flaky. Do you need it?

  3. Save money
    Advice is not new and, perhaps, even trivial, but it is very important. Thirty-year-old people regularly have amounts left that can be deferred and in the future to get a good accumulation.
  4. Maintain (or restore) a good relationship with relatives
    Over time, you begin to understand that the family is the only present wealth. So if you are in a quarrel with someone from your family, call and make peace with him.
  5. Collect not things, but memories
    is yours life experience Is priceless. And if in 50 years around you only material, but remember nothing really, it becomes very insulting.
  6. Learn to give
    If you do nicely to others, just so, without expecting anything in return, your heart will be filled with irreplaceable positive emotions.
  7. Maintain the physical form
    Having learned to regularly maintain yourself in good physical condition now, you will not lose this habit in 50. and this is very important!
  8. Rejoice at what you have
    To feel happy, you need to stop complaining and learn to enjoy what you have. The main thing is to understand that success and glory are nothing compared to happiness.
  9. Do not postpone for later
    Do you have a lot of plans for moving, traveling, second higher education, learning something new and so on? Do it now, because the time after 30 has the property of accelerating.
  10. Sleep well
    In general, all the advice is already in the name itself. There is nothing more to add here.
  11. Take care of teeth
    Remember that over time, problems with teeth will become more and more, and therefore money will have to be spent accordingly. So go to the doctor now, and do not wait, when there will be no other way out.
  12. Curiosity
    Do not stay at home! Go out and meet new people. Take friends with you and get involved in adventure. Then you will have something to remember.
  13. Watch over the food
    Give up all kinds of snacks that are harmful to your body. You can spend money on more useful things.
  14. Read more
    Set yourself the goal of reading at least 10 books a year. And choose not bullshit, but something that causes the brain to move.
  15. Meditate
    Take time and learn meditation. Many studies confirm that such activities abruptly change people's lives for the better.
  16. More travel. No, not so ... travel as much as possible
    Travel will make you truly feel alive, discover something new, inspire to accomplish. And it's boring just to sit in one place.

  17. Stop comparing
    When you turn 50, the opinion of others will mean much less. So why not start getting used to this before?
  18. Keep a diary
    It does not mean to write down daily what you ate and talked to. Just bring in there the coolest memories, it is better with photos.
  19. Take care of your friends
    Do not be scattered by people who make you laugh. Be with those with whom you feel good. Go crazy and grow old together.
  20. Find your place
    Now it's not easy, we agree. But if you try a little, then you definitely will have a place in which you want to come back again and again.

Now you are armed with the advice of experienced people. And it's up to you to decide whether to listen to them or not.

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