/ How to Make Lipstick from Wax Crayons

How to make lipstick from wax crayons

Some outfits require a special color of lipstick, but not always it can be found. Therefore do it yourself lip gloss Does not at all seem to me a crazy idea!

The usual palette of shades already bored everyone, soI want to try something original. Girls who make cosmetics with their own hands, came up with an excellent trick. Using this method of wax crayons can be done Natural lip balm Saturated hue. A real miracle!

How to make lipstick from wax crayons

  1. To conduct experience in cooking homeCosmetics, you need only two ingredients: wax crayons and coconut oil. Coconut oil is very useful for the skin of the lips, and crayons are best chosen specially for children - non-toxic, but very bright.
  2. Lipstick from wax crayons

  3. You will also need a container in which to put the finished balm. This plastic box for jewelry will do just fine!
  4. How to make a lip balm

  5. Cut the chalk, remove the paper wrapper from it.
  6. Homemade lip balm

  7. Put a small bowl on the water bath, add the oil there.
  8. How to make lipstick on your own

  9. In a warm oil, place chalk, wait until it completely dissolves. So that the mass becomes thicker, add more coconut oil and pieces of chalk.
  10. Lipstick from wax crayons

  11. A ready-made lip balm is a plastic bag.
  12. Balsam of wax crayons

  13. That's how it looks ... real terracotta. Well, where do you find such an original lipstick?
  14. Bright lipstick

This video will clarify all the details of cooking home Lip Wax Balm, Look with pleasure!

You can mix melted crayons betweenYourself and get new colors! Great idea, which is worthy of applause. Women and truth are very inventive creatures, for the sake of beauty are ready to try! Try and make cosmetics with your own hands - this is an incomparable pleasure!