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How not to be offended

Grievance is not just an unpleasant feeling, but also a danger to ourselves. It eventually turns into aggression, anger, causes Desire for revenge, Depression and gives rise to self-containedness.

Not a very bright prospect, is not it? There are several effective ways to help you control this terrible feeling.


How not to be offended

  1. Unjustified expectations.
    We often take offense because of what people do not doWhat we want. Remember that no one owes you anything. Even your close person is a separate person who is able to make decisions about how to live.

    Be grateful for what people do for you. If they refuse - then this is their right. Take good deeds not for granted, but as a gift.

  2. Transfer mentally to the future.
    Imagine for a moment that 10 years have passed and ask yourself the question: "Is today's grievance important?". probably not. Then why be discouraged because of what will not be important in the future?
  3. The importance of forgiveness.
    If you are very offended and you think that you will remember about the offense and in 15-20 years, then even in this case try to forgive the offender.

    Your suffering will lead only to depression and the desire for revenge. If you forgive, you will first of all do yourself a favor, not an offender.

  4. do not pay attention.
    There are people who offend others intentionally, using their weakness and resentment for their own purposes. In this case it is best to pretend that you do not care what the offender says.

    When a person realizes that he does not manage to offend you, he will simply fall behind. "The people of the small mind are sensitive to minor offenses. People of great intelligence all notice and do not take offense at anything ", Wrote François de La Rochefoucauld.

  5. Be an adult.
    In childhood you could cry and your parents often gave you what you wanted.

    But in the adult world it does not work out that way. Just because you are offended, you will not be met. Respond to what you do not like, in this way is meaningless. Just listen to the offender and draw the right conclusions.

  6. Pity the offender.
    A happy person will not offend or humiliate another. The abuser is the soonest unfortunate person. Offending you, he tries to ease his condition.

If you are offended, you only make yourself worse. Offenders appear in your life and go. Do not keep in your heart Negative feelings. Farewell and be forgiven ...

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