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5 Ways to Whiten Things

After a while all white things lose their beautiful appearance and become gray and dull. But this is not a reason to throw these Wardrobe items Or turn them into rags. These things can still be saved if you know the 5 methods of bleaching that our grandmothers owned.

Choose the method that fits most, and give Old things Second life!

Methods of bleaching

White things

  1. boiling
    This method is ideal forCotton underwear. Place it in a large enamel saucepan, add water and add detergent. Put the container on the stove and boil for about 30 minutes, periodically turning things around with wooden tongs.
  2. Use salt
    Salt will help get rid of the gray plaque on synthetic tissues. Soak things for 20 minutes in a warm salt solution (1 liter of water - 2 tablespoons salt). After that, rinse and squeeze things.
  3. We use laundry soap
    Take the most concentrated soap (72%) and soak things in cold water for 2-3 hours. After this, thoroughly soap them, pour hot water and whip the foam. After an hour, wash your clothes with your hands.

    To remove spots of sweat, soak a thing in solution(In 2 liters of warm water, divorce 3 tablespoons of grated soap and 1/3 of ammonia). Then thoroughly rinse the thing in warm water.

  4. We use hydrogen peroxide
    This remedy helps against yellowness. For 10 liters of water, add 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and immerse there for 30-40 minutes yellowed underwear. Then rinse thoroughly and be sure to dry in direct sunlight (they will help final whitening).
  5. Use boric acid
    Can be used for bleaching socks,Golf, t-shirts. Soak them for 2 hours in warm water, in which boric acid is dissolved (2 tablespoons per 4 liters of water). This tool will not only make things snow-white, but will also be an excellent preventive of fungus.

Take into account some more rules that must be followed to make white things Do not lose your appearance. For example, you can not wash white linen and cotton things together with wool clothes and synthetic fibers. Otherwise white things will acquire a gray tinge.

Bleach clothes Can be no more than 3-4 washings, otherwise it will lose its strength. And if, when washing, put baking soda into the water, the water will become softer and the things will not form a gray coating.

These 5 ways will help you to wear white things in two, and even three times longer, and you can often appear in public in your favorite white!

Use these tips yourself and do not forget to tell them about it to your friends!