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10 styling rules for eating

you think that Serving dishes Is a very complicated science? This is not so, and beautiful styling of dishes can be learned in two counts. This knowledge will help to draw much more attention to your culinary skills!

10 basic rules are described below Beautiful serving of dishes, Which every self-respecting hostess should know!

Rules of design of dishes

  1. Create contrast
    Our brain more like bright and contrastingColor, therefore, the more contrast the dish, the stronger we will have the appetite. To create a contrast you can use not only food, but a tablecloth with napkins.
  2. Tomatoes with cheese

  3. Show the best sides
    Analyze your dish and find its strong side. found? Then push it forward and do not hide behind tons of sauce or lettuce leaves.
  4. Burger

  5. Show the process
    The cooking process can often look even more appetizing than the dish itself. So you can pour your dish with sauce right before the guest. This will be a powerful stimulus for appetite.
  6. salad

  7. Use wipes
    Properly selected and folded napkin can be an excellent contrast for the dish, giving it the necessary visual appeal.
  8. broccoli

  9. Reduce portions
    Every cook knows that the beauty of the dish is in its conciseness. Cut the portion to a minimum, and if the guest is not enough, you better give him supplements.
  10. dinner

  11. More confusion
    A bit of mess in the dish makes it veryAppetizing, as this enhances the feeling of naturalness of the ingredients. Let the lettuce be cut too large, and the yolk oozes from the oyster - all this is in your hands.
  12. dish

  13. More simplicity
    The more minimalist the plate and appliances, the more beautiful the food looks. Do not complicate the presentation of dishes with complex patterns on the dishes.
  14. Beautiful decor of the dish

  15. Put the appliances on the plate
    In general, such a move is contrary to the lawsServing, but if you have a large plate and a small portion, the appliances on the plate can create a visual framework for the dish and become an additional decorative element.
  16. salad

  17. Banks and boards
    Sandwiches look spectacular right on the cutting board, and drinks in jam jars.
  18. Banks

  19. More naturalness
    Squeezed lemon, torn greens, bread,Broken into uneven pieces - all this appeals to something hidden, by the time when it was not necessary to follow the laws of table etiquette and it was possible to eat everything that would attract the eye.
  20. Beautiful dish

These tips are sure to come in handy already at the next visit of guests! Remember them and you will see that your relatives and relatives with much more appetite will begin to eat your cooking!