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Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin c - a building element of the immune and nervous system. Since childhood we know: I'm sick - eat lemons and honey. A storehouse of vitamin C, truly needed by the body, is a whole series of fruits and vegetables.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin C for adults: 60-100 mg per day.

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamin C Can have quite tragic consequences: Nervous disorders, low resistance to pathogens, thyroid dysfunction, early appearance of wrinkles, increased side effects during medication, and the most unpleasant - scurvy.

Zinga invades a person's life together withMalnutrition and unhappy ways of life. A person with scurvy notes the following symptoms: bleeding gums, tooth loss, central nervous system disorder, characteristic skin rash, heart rhythm disturbance, intestinal problems, and so on. That is, almost all human organs and systems are endangered and affected.

If you notice some Symptoms of vitamin deficiency with, It is worth considering and, first of all, changing the diet and the set of foods that you are accustomed to eating.


Very little effort is needed to keepImmunity in tone and calmly enjoy life. Use enough fruit (lemons, oranges, kiwi) and vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, red peppers) and abstain from bad habits.

Scientists have proved that nicotine removes from the body a lot of vitamins, including such a precious vitamin c, and this has a negative effect on the health of a person who smokes.

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