/ The Dark Side of Feminity

The dark side of femininity

Femininity has become popular! Women who took on tons of male responsibilities, suddenly remembered that they have an entity with which it is pointless to argue.

Every possible Psychological courses, Vedic practices and seminars on the development of the family, have become a mecca for business and self-sufficient representatives of the fair sex. And it's great!

But the extremes that are so characteristic of the lostIn a busy modern world, a person has not disappeared anywhere. The result surpassed all expectations. Instead of sticking to the balance and taking the best from the world view from different angles, women feverishly began to search for their feminine "I".

The dark side of femininity


Is the woman always to be complaisant,Kind, calm and forgiving? Probably, yes, if she is a robot. A woman is first and foremost a human being, because it is inherent in everything human - imperfect, but so interesting.

Although the essence of female nature in the creation of a newLife, each charmer with an angelic character has another side of the appearance. Destructive energy, which is usually concealed. In emergency situations, this destructive energy pushes women to great things - for example, to save a child if he is in danger of death.

With lightning speed to react, without emotions and completelylike a man. A woman is created to store a home, and in fact to save it, sometimes you need to turn into a real tiger or a watchdog. If a woman denies this fact, she runs the risk of paying an expensive price for her excessive softness.

Following the canons of femininity ladies very oftenAllow you to treat yourself inappropriately. Allowing the man, the woman hurts not only himself - the impudent partner will also pay for his bad behavior, although he may not notice it.

Energy communication between people is alwaysIs in motion, good and bad deeds return with interest. Women who do not know how to refuse, do not value themselves, their time and personal space - the real victims of the virus of femininity. This is the wrong way.

Following this road, a woman can not fully develop, limits herself to the limits of her own weakness, suffers herself and makes the others unhappy.


Approach to the issue of femininity should be reasonable. It means that you need to do everything that guarantees a simple female happiness - take care of yourself and loved ones, monitor your appearance, home, get involved in creativity and communicate with children.

But at critical moments you need to be able to talkFirm "no". To get away from the unnecessary affairs that you are so used to doing by the kindness of the soul, not to let yourself sit on your head and frankly use you. Self-respect and self-love - the first step to learning how to love others, one without the other does not happen.

Do not hold back your negative emotions - talk aboutThat you do not like, allow yourself a bad mood and whims. If you constantly stay in a dressed state and control yourself, sooner or later a catastrophe will happen.

Hysterics, neuroses, Mental illness, Drug addiction and alcoholism are very commonAmong women who have long tried to match the ideal female image. It is better to solve problems constructively, to release emotions outside when they appear and not to accumulate in themselves toxins of stress.

Within each woman there is a core, a sense of self-worth. Do not drown him - this is a betrayal of yourself and your happy life.

Mother and child

Use Breakdown energy For good purposes - to save your soul from trauma,Loved one - from reckless and stupid acts, children - from lack of education. Regularly clean houses, throw away unnecessary things, live so that you feel comfortable.

Not for nothing they say that before you build something, you need to destroy the old shell. With love in the heart and the right mood, destruction will only benefit!

It is very difficult to get rid of the complex "goodGirls "who tries to please everyone and is afraid that they will be severely punished for showing negative qualities of character. But it is necessary in order to fully realize their femininity! An amazing paradox that every woman should think about.