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Stylish Kitchen Appliances

We all love to eat delicious, but not allReady to stand for hours at the stove to create another culinary masterpiece. And the matter, rather, is not a waste of time, but in the absence of inspiration, because cooking is so easy to turn into a routine.

50 years ago our grandmothers, cooking soups and frying cutlets, did not ask themselves whether they wanted to do it. Their main motivation was to deliver Gastronomic pleasure Their loved ones. So what prevents us from pleasing our loved ones?

"so simple!" Offers to your attention 17 stunned kitchen appliances that will make your stay in the kitchen a real pleasure. And, believe me, we are not exaggerating!

Stylish Kitchen Appliances

  1. Set of storage tanks
    Where do you store cereals? Probably in ordinary banks or, even worse, in the store packs. It's time to stop, because there is such a cool thing! Set is perfect for storing tea, coffee, pasta, cereals and nuts. And most importantly - it is so convenient that it does not have to be hidden in a closet.
  2. Set of storage tanks

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/joseph-joseph/nabor-emkostey-dlya-khraneniya-food-store-carousel-seryy/

  3. drainer
    Such a dryer for dishes - a complete joy for the hostess! Its compactness and original design - a pledge that now for washing dishes will need to compete!
  4. drainer

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/joseph-joseph/sushilka-dlya-posudy-arena/

  5. Containers for oil and vinegar
    Experienced owner knows that oil and vinegar should be stored in containers that do not let sunlight pass. So this bright set will easily win the heart of any cook.
  6. Containers for oil and vinegar

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/les-artistes-paris/yemkosti-dlya-masla-i-uksusa-acid-colors/

  7. Carafe for drinks
    Many believe that the carafe is the last century. But this modern beverage container simply must be on the table of true connoisseurs of wine. Looks pretty solid, is not it?
  8. Carafe for drinks

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/menu/grafin-ww-carafe/

  9. Mold for eggs
    That's how you need to express your feelings without words. The original breakfast in such a romantic form will add zest to the relationship and will cheer up from the very morning.
  10. Mold for eggs

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/mustard/press-forma-dlya-yaytsa-lyubyashchee-serdtse-krasnaya/

  11. Ice cream mold
    Frankly, this is the first time I've seen this form, but alreadyexcited! Because it's so cool to have your own personal truck with ice cream. With the help of this device you can easily experiment with different flavors, freezing juices, smoothies, yoghurt with pieces of fruit. In a word, an excellent idea for the summer!
  12. Ice cream mold

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/suck/forma-dlya-morozhenogo-ice-lolly/

  13. Knife-scraper for dough
    Without this gadget, you just can not do with whoLikes to mess around with the dough. The silicone side will peel it off the sides of the bowl, and the blade will help cut pieces of any size. To be honest, I'm already ready to bake a cake, just to take advantage of this thing.
  14. Knife-scraper for dough

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/joseph-joseph/nozh-skrebok-dlya-testa-duo-bake-belyy-zelenyy/

  15. Grater with two blades
    At first glance it might seem that this graterNo different from the usual. But how long have you seen a grater with a container, thanks to which vegetables or cheese do not scatter all over the kitchen, but are collected in one place? Here I am about the same ... this cunning device will not only perfectly crush the product, but also save your time, which you spend on cleaning.
  16. Grater with two blades

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/joseph-joseph/tyerka-reguliruemaya-s-dvumya-lezviyami-twist-oranzhevaya/

  17. Cookie shape
    The sweetest memories from childhood: A rocking horse and a mother's fragrant biscuit. Why not combine them? A wonderful shape will help you get cute cookies-rectangles with a heart in the middle, so that your family will not doubt: made with love.
  18. Cookie shape

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/ototo/forma-dlya-pechenya-pony-krasnaya/

  19. Dough mat
    Another gadget for fans of baking. The mat has clear divisions of different sizes, which will help to understand with a millimeter's accuracy what diameter a pie needs to be made. Agree, this functionality is always useful when it comes to an event with a strictly limited number of guests, and the size and proportions of the dish are extremely important.
  20. Dough mat

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/joseph-joseph/kovrik-dlya-testa-izmer-i-raskatay-bezhevyy/

  21. Bottle opener
    The usual corkscrew, in comparison with this thing, just resting. The gadget elegantly and easily opens wine bottles and gives others a friendly smile. The real decoration of the festive table!
  22. Bottle opener

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/alessi/otkryvatel-dlya-butylok-anna-fioletovyy/

  23. A tray of wine glasses
    A cool device for party lovers. Serve drinks with rock and roll chic!
  24. A tray of wine glasses

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/rocketdesign/podnos-s-ryumkami-guitray/

  25. Pizza knife
    Bicycles are becoming more popular, and their allMore often can be found around. Including at your table! A funny knife for pizza with two blades will help to cut off even pieces that easily separate from each other. Eating pizza with friends has never been so exciting!
  26. Pizza knife

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/doiy/nozh-dlya-pitstsy-fixie-goluboy-belyy/

  27. Microwave tack
    Admit how many times pulling out a red-hotPlates from the microwave oven was accompanied not entirely literary words? So is not it time to forget about it? With such superpaltsami not afraid of any hot dishes!
  28. Microwave tack

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/mustard/prikhvatka-dlya-mikrovolnovki-super-paltsy-golubaya/

  29. 3d cookie shapes
    With such nice little molds to make a bulk cookie will not be difficult. And the pleasure of cooking you will get no less than from eating delicacies.
  30. 3d cookie shapes

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/suck/3d-forma-dlya-pechenya-dinozavriki-stegozavr/

  31. Holder for paper towels
    To make life more fun and comfortable, it's importantSurround yourself with beautiful things. And most importantly - do not disregard even such trifles as a holder for paper towels. Instead of a boring bar - a whole story of an unusual friendship between a cat and a dog. A little humor in the kitchen does not hurt!
  32. Holder for paper towels

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/artori-design/derzhatel-dlya-bumazhnykh-polotenets-dog-vs-cat-zelenyy/

  33. launch Box
    Now the pleasant atmosphere of your kitchen will spread to the office. The products in this lunch box will retain their useful properties, and the original design will make the dinner even more enjoyable!
  34. launch Box

    Source: http://enjoy-me.ru/catalog/monbento/lanch-boks-mb-original-kollektsiya-graphic-panda-roo/

I'm wild with these things! Do you share my opinion? Then you will be happy to know that all this can be purchased in one place - the online store of original gifts enjoyme.

Turn cooking into art. And do not forget to tell about these cool kitchen gadgets to your friends!