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10 products you can eat differently

The correct way to cheer yourself up is to do Cooking unusual dishes. It is not necessary to cook according to unimaginable recipes and there are delicacies: the most usual products can always be served quite differently from how you used to do it.

Try it New tastes Familiar food: It's amazing, but differently cut vegetables change their taste, and bold combinations of simple ingredients can turn into exquisite dishes. Unbridled fantasy and creativity - the secret of the most fascinating culinary adventures!

Cooking unusual dishes

  1. Dip a banana into the melted chocolate and decorate it.On the top. You can use for this purpose coconut shavings and ground nuts. Another wonderful way: before you put bananas in chocolate, justify them in the freezer for an hour. Super-ice cream will turn out!
  2. Bananas with chocolate on a stick

  3. You can clean strawberries with straws. Twice as easy, twice as tasty!
  4. Strawberry on a straw

  5. You can pour slices of bacon with a pancake batter and make unique pancakes. Great idea - add inside and cheese! And if you pour such pancakes with maple syrup? Or honey-mustard sauce?
  6. Delicious pancakes

  7. Forms for cupcakes can be used not only for baking the dough. Bake bacon with an egg so it's delicious ...
  8. Bacon with egg

  9. This is the most convenient way to eat a watermelon, no doubt!
  10. How to cut a watermelon

  11. Cut the middle of the apple and pour the caramel inside. After freezing in the refrigerator you will get a wonderful dessert! Option for adult sweet tooth: add the vodka to the strawberry jelly and fill this mixture with lime halves.
  12. Apple with jelly

  13. Tomatoes with salt - this is the usual option. But what about tomatoes with sugar and lemon juice? In addition, they can be decorated in the form of such an attractive heart.
  14. Hearts on a stick

  15. Circles of Bulgarian pepper will serve as an excellent base for fried eggs. Zucchini and eggplant can also be adapted for this dish!
  16. Scrambled eggs in pepper

  17. "Big Mac" at home.
  18. hamburger

  19. Perfect conventional ice cream, adding nuts, caramel and chocolate.
  20. ice cream

Get a maximum of pleasure from food - it is much more pleasant to eat not only tasty, but also beautiful food. If you liked these fantastic Experiments with familiar products, Show them to your loved ones!

It's better to leave the kitchen routine in the past, create something grand in the kitchen. For the sake of vivid memories it is worth trying!