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14 ideas for space saving

Everyone sooner or later faces Lack of space in home. This is usually due to the small area of ​​the apartment. But, knowing how to rationally use every corner of your home, you can fit everything!

Below are 14 examples, where Optimize the place In his home, that everything was very functional and at the same time beautiful. Take advantage of these tips!

Ideas for space saving

  1. Hidden garbage can
  2. trash can

  3. Shoe storage pipes
  4. Shoe storage pipes

  5. Out shelf for food storage
  6. Food storage shelf

  7. Holders for bicycles
  8. Holders for bicycles

  9. So you can store shoes with heels
  10. High heels shoes

  11. Hidden office
  12. office

  13. Multifunctional bedroom
  14. bedroom

  15. Outgoing elements
  16. Outgoing elements

  17. Folding bunk bed
  18. Bunk bed

  19. Closet under the stairs
  20. lumber room

  21. Bed frame with many compartments
  22. Bed frame

  23. Bench for storage of firewood
  24. Bench for storage of firewood

  25. Podium with hidden shelves
  26. Podium with hidden shelves

  27. Ideal for a small kitchen
  28. small kitchen

These simple but practical tips will help you hide all the necessary things. Now the disorder does not threaten you! Share these ideas with your friends!