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How to use a drill for other purposes

Everyone knows about such an instrument as a drill. Someone uses it to Repair work, And someone suffers, since this technique is used by the neighbor every Sunday morning, for example.

But this is not all the ways to use a drill. It can also be used in the kitchen. Learn about six unusual ways of using a drill!

How to use a drill

  1. mixer
    To use a drill to whisk a variety of mixtures, instead of a drill, insert a whisk, open scissors or a fork.
  2. Drill mixer

  3. Peppermint
    The drill can also work as a pepper shaker. The principle is the same as in the paragraph above, only fix the bolt from the pepper.
  4. Pepper drill

  5. grater
    For this trick you will need a special grater. Very interesting idea. Perhaps it will be the beginning and your idea.
  6. Grater

  7. Dishwasher
    Very interesting invention that works in a semi-automatic mode. About how to make such a thing, look in the video below.
  8. Dishwashing

  9. meat grinder
    The drill can become an electric meat grinder. Dismantle an ordinary meat grinder and get a shaft out of it. Insert a metal bolt without a cap into the shaft or directly into the drill. This thing will perfectly move the stuffing.
  10. meat grinder

  11. Quick cleaning of products
    With the help of a drill, you can clean the young potatoes.

    Take a new brush and attach it to the drill. Put it in a bucket of water and potatoes, turn on the drill. In one minute the potatoes will be peeled!

  12. Cleaning products

There are many options for using the drill in unconventional ways. The main thing - to include imagination. This thing can come in handy in different situations!

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