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How quickly to calm down

Excessive experiences have long been a nationalPastime. The reasons that cause excitement are lacking. First you are worried about studying, then because of work, even later the excitement is caused by the prices of sedatives.

For example, in the United States of America, variousAnxiety disorders are the most common mental diagnosis. According to statistics, the likelihood that a person with an anxiety disorder will get sick 3-5 times more than ordinary people.

The fact is that for anxiety The same frontal lobe of your brain thatIs engaged in planning and making decisions. In principle, the difference between planning and anxiety for your brain is only in the amount of emotional involvement in the process.

It is clear that anxiety is framed by negativeEmotions. But the main task of your brain is to save your life. So sometimes excitement is the body's response to danger, that is, an evolutionary mechanism that allows you to stay alive.

In order to get out of the trap Anxiety, You need to direct your thinking in the right direction. And these tips will help you.

How quickly to calm down

Relaxation in water

  1. Learn to understand your emotions
    The first step towards reducing anxiety isAwareness of when you start to worry. According to research, people are much quicker to calm down if they feel the onset of an attack of excitement, do not succumb to its influence, but try to fight it. The brain switches to rational thinking and the wave of experiences recedes.
  2. Take a deep breath (better not one)
    Slowly and deeply breathing through the nose, you reduceThe reaction of one's body to stress. Yes, this advice is not the most original, but it does not mean that it does not work. When you start to get nervous, your breathing and heart rate increase. If you start breathing deeply, then you give the body a signal that you are relaxed and he will calm down. Such is scientific magic!
  3. Think about the present
    If you start to feel that your thoughtsFly into the past or the future and this leads to a nervous state, immediately try to return to the present. It is here and now that everything is fine with you. Your thoughts can create a sense of danger. Stabilizing them, you return the nervous system to a normal state.
  4. Pay attention only to what you can control
    In any situation your brain craves control. Even an illusory sense of control Reduces anxiety, Anxiety and even pain. So to avoid the opposite reaction, you need to concentrate only on those points that you can control. In no case do you need to simulate the worst possible options and stuff.
  5. Make decisions, even if you do not want to do it
    Decision-making, any, even the mostInsignificant, switches your brain into a rational environment. As a consequence, he ceases to succumb to emotions. In addition, after the decision made, you will have a good mood and self-esteem, which is also very important.
  6. Stop on the assessment of "good."
    Sometimes the cause of unnecessaryUnrealistic or idealized expectations. Do not try to be the best parent. Be just good. You do not have to send a child to study in the best institution. Let him just learn. You do not have to look the best. just be yourself!

Now you know how To calm down in stressful situations. And do not try to wind yourself, if immediately theseThe tips will not work. Gradually they will become a habit and help you to be less nervous. And now think about the health of your loved ones and share this information with them.