/ 10 tips for motorists

10 tips for motorists

Today, most people over the age of 18 have a car and spend a lot of time in it, especially if they are residents of large cities and often stand in traffic jams. So every Vehicle owner Tries to maximally adapt it for themselves, make it cozy and comfortable.

For this almost all motorists come up with their lifhaki, which make it convenient to use the car. Below are collected 10 such tips that will be useful to all drivers!

Automotive lifhaki

  1. Defrost the car lock will helpHand disinfectant. It contains alcohol, which will melt the ice inside the castle. For this just put a little money on the key and open the door. Any strong alcohol is also suitable.
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  3. To get rid of labels on the windshield, you can use a warm wet towel. Put it for 10 minutes on the sticker, and it will fall behind without problems.
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  5. If your glass has burst, but there is no money or time to replace it, cut the crack with clear nail varnish. So you will strengthen the glass and prevent further spread of the crack.
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  7. So that the car doors do not freeze in the winter, wipe the sealing rubber with oil, and then with a paper towel. The oil will repel the water, and the doors will stop to freeze.
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  9. You do not have a holder for the phone? Replace it with a paper band.
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  11. Hanging a tennis ball in your garage, you'll always know where you need to stop. If the ball touches the windshield, then you've come.
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  13. In reusable glasses you can put wet wipes. very comfortably!
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  15. Shoe organizer will be an indispensable thing in the car, especially if you have children.
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  17. Vantuz - an excellent tool for straightening dents. Make sure yourself!
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  19. If you often use the phone as a gps, but you do not have a special holder, you can make it out of the clerical band and office clamp.
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These tips are useful for every motorist. Use them, and you can make your own vehicle Even more comfortable and cozy.

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