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Today the editorial staff of our website has prepared an unusual idea for you. "so simple!"Tells you how to make a living, blooming graffiti, combining a few simple ingredients. This is ideal for decorating a garden, a garage or even a facade of a house or villa.

such Living moss Looks quite boring and adds bright colors to your life!

You will need

  • Handful of moss
  • 2 cups of yogurt
  • Half a teaspoon of sugar
  • Water or beer
  • Blender or mixer, brush and bucket


  1. First you need to find a green and not a moss. He must be alive.
  2. moss

  3. Rinse it to wash off excess soil.
  4. moss

  5. Whip the moss in a blender.
  6. Moss in a blender

  7. Then gradually add yogurt, sugar and water (beer). Mix all the ingredients at a low speed.
  8. Moss for graffiti

  9. Pour the resulting mixture into a bucket, take a brush and you can start creating live graffiti. It is better to choose a surface that is in the shade or on the north side.
  10. Moss for graffiti

  11. Draw the drawing with a brush.
  12. Moss for graffiti

  13. Include imagination and draw. Just make sure that the bone is not too wet, otherwise the pattern will flow.
  14. In the first days, this pattern should be watered from the sprayer, so that the moss receives a sufficient amount of moisture.
  15. Moss for graffiti

  16. After a while your friends will be able to see your work of art.
  17. Graffiti from moss

    Graffiti from moss

This is a great idea for Creation of living moss, Which will help make the surrounding world greener and more beautiful. If you have a dacha or a house, then you simply have to repeat this experiment on your site and try to create a real masterpiece!