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Female power

Energy of a woman, According to the Vedas, is the foundation of the world. It is the female "I" that can give a man something that will direct him to various feats. In appearance, weak women are in fact very strong inside. This list, which consists of 10 cases, gives the representatives of the fair sex strength.

What to do to increase the female energy

  1. Meditation
    Meditation, relaxation and time spent alone, raise the level of female power. Meditate at least once a day before bedtime.
  2. reading
    Read stories about people's lives, as well as biographies of famous personalities. By studying other people's destinies, you better begin to understand yourself. Read the book you wanted to start for a long time, do not regret it for a while.
  3. sport
    If in recent times you have been watching a breakdown,Then go in for sports. Choose something new and interesting. To increase the female energy is very useful dancing. This is a great way to regain strength after heavy stress.
  4. healthy lifestyle
    The maintenance of the right way of life gives women energy and beauty. Pay attention to the habit of going to bed late, malicious or lazy and try to eradicate them.
  5. Stuff yourself with love
    Give your love to others and she will return to you. If a woman does not fill her heart and soul with love, she is energetically weak.
  6. Woman holding the sun in her hand

  7. Music and vocals
    Listen to more pleasant and relaxing music,And also do not forget to sing along. Singing clears the throat chakra, and we no longer want to curse with others. In ancient times, one of the best compliments for a woman was the words "she is like a song".
  8. Do yourself
    Use your free time to practice yourself. Nature laid the monthly period when a woman should think only of herself. This is the period of critical days.
  9. Walks
    A woman just needs to go out at least once a day. Despite the fact that you are the keeper of the hearth, the connection with nature is very important.
  10. Scent
    A woman is a flower that should smell nice. A new fragrance that suits you, enhances energy.
  11. dignity
    Be sure of your uniqueness and do not let anyone doubt it. You are beautiful and charming, remember this.

If you are internally strong, then no adversity can affect your life. You will become more self-confident. Female energy Will attract and fascinate men who feel very well.

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