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The first lesson in yoga

Beginning to do something new, you always feel some kind of fear and insecurity. Especially if you see that the people around you are far from being new. If you decide Do yoga, Then you certainly need to learn a lot about the studio, instructor, a set of asanas (poses), philosophical background and breathing exercises.

For absolute beginners it is very important to talk withInstructor before starting to practice yoga. This will reduce the discomfort that everyone feels when making the first attempts, and will allow to pay attention to errors in the subsequent practice. Do not hesitate to ask questions, that's how yoga practice is known. And now we have prepared for you some tips that will help Start training Fully armed.

The right first yoga class

New to yoga

  1. clothes
    To specify the features of the equipmentInstructor, but there are a few basic tips. Take with you comfortable clothes made of nice materials (leggings / shorts, t-shirt, socks, sports blazer). T-shirt should not be free, otherwise it will bully up when you are in an inverted position. The socks and jacket will be needed at the end of the session for shavasana - the posture of complete relaxation. Be sure to find out if you need a rug.
  2. New to yoga

  3. food
    Limit yourself to eating. There is need for 3-4 hours before the beginning of the lesson. If you are very hungry, then choose something easy: fruit, yogurt ... before the opening session, you can drink a little herbal tea or water, but during the exercises, the water will only interfere.
  4. Injuries
    Be sure to tell the instructor if you have any injuries or illnesses. Then he will control your execution of some poses.
  5. mobile phone
    To fully concentrate on the process of performing asanas by turning off the mobile phone and other means of communication. And better temporarily forget about their existence.
  6. Ignore
    Do not pay attention to others. All at once you will not succeed, especially if you have not done it before. Do not overdo it, or you can do much harm yourself.
  7. Result of yoga

Remember that yoga teaches you to move forward, overcoming all obstacles. But if you do not like the approach of the instructor or the conditions, then perhaps this studio does not suit you, and not yoga at all.

We wish you pleasant lessons, but do not be greedy for now and tell the friends about the article.