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Non-traditional application of laundry soap

Once at home every landlady always had a bar Laundry soap. But it was used not only for washing. If you do not already have this wonderful tool, then we advise you to buy it, since it costs a penny, and there are a lot of ways to use it. Take these weapons into service, which have already been tested by a whole generation of people.

Application of laundry soap

laundry soap

  1. For thick hair and against dandruff
    If you want to have long and thick hair orGet rid of dandruff, then you can not find a better means than a laundry soap. First use shampoo, and then wash your head with soap. After rinsing with water with a few drops of vinegar. This method is more suitable for owners of fatty hair type.
  2. If you have sensitive skin
    So that there is no irritation of the sensitive skin after depilation, soap the desired area with this soap.
  3. For skin rejuvenation
    Wash with soap and soap twice a week for skin rejuvenation. After all, apply the usual baby cream on the face. The effect of such washing is stunning.
  4. For lovers of the bath
    Washing in a steam room with a birch broom, soaked in a solution of laundry soap, perfectly cleanses the skin.
  5. From the common cold
    A laundry soap will save from a cold if treatment is started at the first symptoms. Make a soapy solution, dab a cotton swab into it and process the sinuses.
  6. Fungi
    This excellent tool helps with fungal diseases of feet. Wash the affected area with household soap and a brush, then treat the skin with iodine.
  7. For disinfection
    It is recommended to treat the toothbrush with a solution of laundry soap and leave it overnight. With this method you will decontaminate it.
  8. From swelling and bruising
    To remove the swelling and bruises, explore this miracle soap in water and sodium skin. Do the procedure a couple of times a day.
  9. From abscesses
    For getting rid of abscesses. Mix in a 1: 1 ratio grated onions, laundry soap and sugar. Put this ointment before going to bed on an abscess and zabitium.
  10. For cracked heels
    From cracks on the heels make a bath of 2 liters of hot water, 1 tsp. Soda and 1 tbsp. L. Grated household soap.
  11. With sunburn
    With a sunburn, soap the affected area with soap and let it dry. This will help you avoid possible redness of the skin and blisters from the burn.

It would seem, such an ordinary means, as a laundry soap, and can be so Useful.

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