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Drying the body

Surely you've heard of a term like Drying of the body. Let's try to figure out what it is. Cushka is a method that helps to make the body embossed and taut, it includes diet and sports. It becomes noticeable to improve the relief of muscles by reducing the subcutaneous fat.

Diet for drying Is a carbohydrate diet. You need to eat protein foods and correct fats, and carbohydrates should not be more than 50 g. Remember that you need to start drying gradually, reducing the amount of carbohydrates for several days.

What you can eat when drying

  1. Cucumbers (no more than 2 pieces per day).
  2. Fresh cabbage, Beijing and sauerkraut (not more than 350 g per day).
  3. green pepper.
  4. radish.
  5. Squash.
  6. celery.
  7. greenery.
  8. Lemons.
  9. Boiled eggs (no more than 2 pieces per day).
  10. Low-fat cottage cheese (200 grams per day).
  11. Kefir (400 ml per day).
  12. Milk (100 ml per day).
  13. Boiled chicken breast.
  14. Baked and boiled fish.
  15. Meat broth (not more than 500 g per day).
  16. Still drinking water (at least 1.5-2 liters per day).
  17. Green tea (1-2 cups a day).
  18. Vegetable oil for salads.
  19. Mushrooms (once a week).
  20. cottage cheese.

Losing weight

What to exclude from the diet during drying

  1. sugar.
  2. Refined cereals.
  3. pasta.
  4. bread.
  5. Rice, buckwheat and semolina porridge.
  6. potatoes.
  7. Jujube.
  8. raisins.
  9. honey.
  10. Beans.

When drying per day, eat no more than 1,500 calories. But if you lead a very active lifestyle and the body requires, you do not need to starve, and it is better to slightly increase the amount of food. At first, weakness may appear, but by the fourth and fifth day everything should be normalized.

Do not forget to go in for sports, becauseWithout this result will not be. You need to perform a variety of exercises for all muscle groups. Visit the pool and gym, run in the morning and do not forget about squats and jumping rope at home.

Contraindications for drying: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, zhkt and liver. Also it is not recommended to lose weight more than 4-5 kg ​​per month.

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