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Causes of chronic fatigue

Causes Chronic fatigue Should be sought in two ways: In the purely medical aspect of the state of human health and its psychological state, conditioned by the regime of the day, efficiency and attitude to work, a developed or unfulfilled personal life.

An important reason for this problem can be the environment. Pollution of the atmosphere in industrial regions does not contribute to the rise of vitality.

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Chronic fatigue syndrome is a dangerous phenomenon, because many diseases, including heart attack, Can arise through his fault.

Causes of chronic fatigue

  1. Malnutrition Can provoke a lack of vitamins, macro and microelements in the body, and this, in turn, can cause hormonal malfunction in both men and women.

    In general, a whole string of factors influencing the energy state of the organism is behind the wrong diet. Weighty cause of chronic fatigue is also considered Meteorological dependence, Which the doctors did not take seriously before, and now pay much attention to it.

  2. Violation of the regime of the day, Lack of sleep, Work on wear and tear in pursuit of career growth or success also exhaust the body.

    Trying to cheer him up with an endless reception coffee Or energy drinks further exacerbate the problem, a person does not have time to fill the reserve of forces, and gradually his body collapses.

  3. Especially strongly affects the internal toneA person's self-awareness. If he feels happy, working for him in joy, with peace, he is in harmony, loves himself and loves others, he is cheerful, active and ready to turn mountains.

    Stress, Turmoil, all sorts of mental tormentTake away strength, deprive a person of vital vitality and make him tired and soul and body. So there is a syndrome of chronic fatigue, which has to fight physicians and psychologists.

These causes of fatigue are majorFactors contributing to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Organize your life in such a way as to minimize them. Because it is so important for the health of each of us!