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How to decorate dishes

To the festive table you always want to cook something unusual and original. You can always invent new recipes, or you can simply decorate all the familiar dishes with edible flowers. "so simple!" Collected for you 9 original options Decorations of festive dishes, Which will gladden the eyes of your friends and relatives. They will be delighted with this edible decor! By the way, the dishes decorated in this way even seem more delicious. Make sure of it yourself!

How to decorate dishes

  1. Cabbage + cucumber
  2. Cabbage and cucumber

  3. In skillful hands and carrots can become a work of art
  4. carrot

  5. Onions can cause not only tears, but also delight
  6. A flower from a bow

  7. Flowers from hot pepper
  8. hot peppers

  9. Ordinary cucumber turns into a real masterpiece
  10. cucumber

  11. Another option for onion flowers
  12. Onion flowers

  13. And again the onion
  14. bow

  15. radish
  16. radish

  17. And again the onion


To make such flowers is not difficult, and they are prepared from the most Simple products. Now you will not be able to decorate the festive table so that all have caught their breath!