/ What to Make of Plastic Bottles

What to Make of Plastic Bottles

We used to perceive plastic bottles as garbage, well, or how Material for disposal (best case scenario). But from this, as it seems to us, unnecessary material, it is possible to make very original and practical things that will find a place in the house, the garden or at the dacha.

Our editorial team has collected for you 19 extraordinary ideas that can be realized by collecting a sufficient number of plastic bottles.

Things from plastic bottles

  1. Ottoman
  2. Ottoman from plastic bottles

  3. money box
  4. Piggy bank from a plastic bottle

  5. flying fish
  6. Flying fish from a plastic bottle

  7. Wind chime
  8. Wind chime from a plastic bottle

  9. A place for storing ornaments
  10. Plastic bottle for storing ornaments

  11. Glasses and glasses
  12. Glasses and glasses from a plastic bottle

  13. table lamp
  14. Table lamp from a plastic bottle

  15. Ceiling light
  16. Lamp from a plastic bottle

  17. holder for your mobile phone
  18. Holder for a phone from a plastic bottle

  19. Place for storing cookies
  20. Biscuit storage

  21. Sprinkler
  22. Sprinkler made of plastic bottle

  23. Trough
  24. A feeder from a plastic bottle

  25. Horizontal hanging garden
  26. Garden of a plastic bottle

  27. Vertical hanging garden
  28. Garden of a plastic bottle

  29. garage
  30. Garage of plastic bottle

  31. a curtain
  32. Curtain made of plastic bottle

  33. Shoe organizer
  34. Organizer from a plastic bottle

  35. bed
  36. Bed of plastic bottle

  37. peacock
  38. Peacock made of plastic bottle

It may take a long time to collect enough bottles to create a peacock or a bed, but it's worth it. It's great that you can create such Useful things in the household From improvised materials.

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